Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 6... A Case of the Uh-Ohs

Suddenly, B2SP has begun to set in... Also known as Back-to-School Panic!

I have "in progress" projects all over my house... and I can't imagine how I can possibly get them all finished and transported to school before time runs out.

We had meetings until almost lunch on the last two days. And it has been insufferably hot in the afternoons (and our building is not air-conditioned), so it has been difficult to keep up my motivation and my energy level. Tomorrow could be a good "work day" if I can hide from any would-be visitors and just work for several hours. It will be the last day that we can spend in our classrooms, although I am hanging onto the hope that someone from the office will come in on Saturday to give us a few more extra hours of access.

Here are a few things making it difficult to navigate to the front door...

Scary looking, huh? I need to re-stuff the bean bags... mine are currently bordering on being bean-less bags! I'm afraid these may take up most of the space in my car!

I need to add ribbons to my pennant to get it ready to hang up at school. Actually a necessary first step would be to find the spools of ribbon. I know they are in a WalMart bag. That does not narrow things down significantly!

I need to sort through my treasures and organize the supply baskets. At the moment, I am wondering where the other scissors are. I am thinking they are in the garage. Times like this, I wonder whether if it is better to buy new ones and just return the old ones when I come across the correct box... which could be some time in 2017 if you were get a glance at the garage!

I need to organize the supplies in the math Tool Kits. I have to add a few things because of the changes involved with Common Core. And I bought some wonderful new "moveable" number lines from Really Great Stuff.... but they don't fit in the boxes! (I hate when that happens!)

I need to finish the student binders so that we can start out organized on the first day of school. There are parts of this project in several different rooms in my house!

I need to get the technology set up at school. Our printers are connected into "the system" (?) with Ethernet cables. Of course, I could not pass on the opportunity to have this PURPLE cord in my room. So much prettier than the "standard issue"!

I need to clean and repair these fans--which will be one of my first projects tomorrow morning at school... so that I can make it through the rest of the day! Why does the weather always wait until a few days before school starts to really heat up?!

To top it all off, this afternoon I got this message on my computer... Or at least I thought that this was what it said...

And I thought that sounded a bit judgmental! I had to read it again more carefully. Here's the bad news... This is what it REALLY said:

Our poor secretary has spent a lot of hours inputting all of the students into our new computer program. And at some point today... POOF. They. Just. Vanished. Apparently, the system was overloaded and all of the class lists (and other things!) disappeared. When I left, they were going to have to re-type everything. Ahhhh technology. So often it simplifies our lives... and sometimes it  makes our lives a little harder.

I am hoping to get a class list tomorrow afternoon so that I can personalize a few things. If not, I guess we will be trying out some lower-tech options Tuesday morning!


  1. Oh my. Love the purple network cable. I have a pink one in the room next door!
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  2. LOVE that purple cable! How awful for the secretary! Have a wonderful first day back. Once you get with your sixers, all the stress and rigamarole of getting ready just fades away.

  3. Kim,
    It is so nice to read your blog and know that someone else is in exactly the same boat that I am. I am going through basically the same things, minus the class list. THAT at least I have, but they keep adding to it, so I can't get anything numbered. I promised my kids a day at the State Fair, so I'm not going in today, but I brought home a boatload of things to take care of and cart back on Tuesday.
    Enjoy our weekend!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. No air conditioning? Yesterday was almost unbearable with AC!

  5. It will all come together. Where do you find beanbag filling... Need some for my Jungle beanbags to add to my themed classroom. Good luck with everything...


  6. You make me giggle with all your last minute panic.....that was me 4 weeks the honeymoon is over and we are off and rolling...some in a good way, some in a not so good way:/ Just a couple though.....I'll get there...just getting grayer by the hour doing Prayers and hugs for a wonderful school year for you!!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. I seriously don't know how people existed before air conditioning. I cant. I become irrationally cranky and I melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. Seriously. I don't know how you do it!


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