Friday, August 16, 2013

19th Day... and a Back to School Bonanza (Win It!)


It's a BONANZA of a giveaway! (Anyone old enough to remember the song from Bonanza?) Sing it with me Dun Dada Dun Dada Dun Dada Dun Dada DA DA... No, huh? Well, you don't have to know the song to win, you just need to scroll down and start clicking!

But, first things first. As part of the Blog-Every-Day-in-August-Challenge, I owe you a post that includes a reference to back-to-school organization. No real tip here... Just a refection of my poor, tired mind... I think it might have been the fumes from the Mod Podging adventure...

It's Day 19 before school starts and time is FLYING by! I snuck into my room today (SShhhh... Don't tell) and moved around some things. Wait. Did you know "snuck" isn't a word?! It should be! I'm supposed to say: I sneaked into my room today. Well, I like "snuck." Since I acknowledged the grammatical malady, I'm leaving it there.

As I was saying, I moved around some things in my classroom. And some things I didn't move...

I finally had to give myself this reminder: If you have walked around something more than three times, MOVE it out of the way! Hardly Einsteinian, but I stepped around this chair (walking like an Egyptian) more times than I could count.

After an hour. I finally moved it. What is wrong with me? Life was a hundred times easier once I could walk across that path from one table to another. It's as if the coffee only got to half of the necessary circuits this morning... Do you ever do things like that?

And this playground ball was repeatedly underfoot, and it doesn't even belong to me! Nor do I know the owner, Kid Power! And it's flat. And it was in my way! All I know is that I really wanted to use it for its intended purpose and kick it onto the playground.

Know what's sad? Since I don't know what to do with it, IT'S STILL THERE! I just couldn't throw it away. It belongs to someone. Or at least it did. But I can't return it, I don't want it, and I don't know where to leave it! So, Kid Power still sits in the middle of my carpet. No wonder it takes me forever to get things done. Sigh.

Now, onto the REAL news...

It's the perfect time of year to do some blog hopping. Each of the bloggers has left you a freebie on their page. Best of all, there's a GIVEAWAY, and you can WIN some awesome prizes! Just use the Rafflecopter buttons below.

My best Back-to-School tip is to promise yourself to focus on the kids. With all of the stress of testing and Common Core and intervention/remediation/differentiation, remember to take two steps back and enjoy what you do. Sounds simplistic, but I am going to write it on the inside of the door to the closet that holds my purse. I will see it every morning: Focus on the kids. Remember to Laugh. Find the JOY in teaching... See it. Believe it. Live it.

My giveaway is the playground ball pictured above. No, just kidding. My freebie isn't exciting, but it is helpful. Click on the picture below if you'd like to add a Back-to-School Organizer/To Do List to your files!

You can also get this freebie in my TpT store if you need an activity to encourage students to have conversations and interact with one another...

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Want More Back to School Goodies? See those buttons below? Those are the buttons of some of the most fabulous bloggers I know. Hop on over to their sites and check out their freebies (I promise it won't be another To Do list!)

Finally, lots of people have donated some truly great resources for this giveaway. All you have to do is scroll down to those Rafflecopter buttons and start clicking...

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Good Luck... I hope you win!


  1. I laughed out loud, (yes I did just spell that out), at the ball comment as your giveaway. That hasn't happened much around my house recently due to stress, deaths in our family, and harvesting in bad weather. It felt so good to have a bit of JOY. I enjoy your adventures so much. Thanks for brightening my day. Did the Modge Podge turn out? :)

  2. I'm with Mrs. S. .... your ball being the giveaway comment cracked me up. Hysterical!

    Happy weekend,



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