Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 11... Gotta Love A Sale!

YIKES! I have to post this quickly or I will have broken my promise of blogging every day in August.

So this is just a quick comment about an item I found on sale... which almost led to a happy dance in the aisles of Target! (Thankfully for all of the other customers, I was saved by a moment of restraint. I have been asked by more than one student, "Please don't dance where people can see you...")

Each year, I plan to make magnets for the parents that would include my name, e-mail and school phone number. Yet I never seem to get around to ordering them.

This was going to be the year... but with school starting in a week, I am more-than-confident the magnets would not arrive in time.

Then I was going to take another Melissa's suggestion (at Simply Sixth Grade) and print the details on magnetic sheets... which I had at home... until I used them all for calendar tags. And so I was back to Square One.. when I found myself in the craft aisle (don't ask!) in Target.

I saw some notecards that had great potential for "Teacher Info." They were bright and cheerful and on one side, they looked like this...

I liked the other side even more. Are you thinking what you am thinking?

I am thinking these are perfect for the "Teacher Info" that I need to share with parents. They are just large enough for me to add the details on the blank side. I am thinking it might look something like this...

And although the colors aren't exact (and there is not nearly enough purple), the cards have the same cheerful feeling that I try to impart with the colors in my classroom.

And HERE is the very best part! I knew I needed at least thirty-six cards, plus two that I will probably mess up when I try to print them. There are ten cards in a package. And I noticed (gleefully!) the clearance tag.

That price tag looks even better close up!

Yep... that's $2.48 for ten cards... which means I got all forty cards--with envelopes--for less than ten dollars. YeeHaw! I DO love a sale.

Phew! I thought I was going to break my blogging streak. Nope! I'm filing this before the day ends on the east coast--and it's not yet even nine o'clock on my coast.

Tomorrow I promise to have a real post. Thanks for wading through my delight in finding a sale. And if you were in that aisle in Target, I was NOT dancing... Okay, maybe a did dance just a little...


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  2. How big are they? Index card size? They are beautiful! Make sure to share how it turns out!

  3. I love the bright colors! Great deal!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you were able to find a good deal even though you used up your magnet sheets. I like the size of yours. Next year I think I'll make mine a bit bigger.

    Simply Sixth Grade


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