Tuesday, August 13, 2013

22nd Day... Meet the Teacher at Teacher Week '13

I'm changing the pace today because I haven't been been able to get into school yet, and I think I have already photographed most of the items in my garage--and my living room! My car is packed with things to return to school and I am hoping to sneak in when the custodian arrives at 6:30am. My goal is to take a picture or two because I committed to blogging every day in August and I need more material! I have to be strategic as I will likely be the only car in a dimly lit parking lot. With my luck, I'll get arrested for loitering!

Apparently, the folks at BlogHoppin' have an annual tradition of an enormous week-long link-up! It's called "Teacher Week '13" and I think I'll be clicking and clicking to learn about all of the teacher bloggers who have linked up this year!

Today is actually the day to post pics about the classroom tour, but since I won't be able to do that (especially if school security nabs me!), I will, instead, join yesterday's linky, "Meet the Teacher."

Since this collaborative is new to me, I think I will be the 3000th teacher to join the party. I will set a goal to be in the 2000s next year. Okay, I am exaggerating (I do teach hyperbole, you know!). When I last looked there were over 400 teachers buttons all in a row!  If I hurry, I can be teacher #412!

Let's be honest. I am not a woman of mystery. I have been blogging for over two years and I have done a lot of these "reveals." There simply isn't much more to tell! Therefore, I will spare you the extended commentary--but by listing five facts instead of the required ten, I think I can still add my button to the compendium in good conscience before the collection reaches 500! (Okay, the word, "compendium" doesn't exactly fit there, but I really wanted to use that word today, and that is where it fits best!)

Here are the remaining five facts about me...

1. I am starting my 30th year of teaching. AT the same school. I have always taught at the same school. I even did part of my student teaching there! Before I taught "general ed," I taught kids with disabilities. I can sign a little, and I have such admiration for my friends who are fluent in sign language.

2. I once tried para-gliding... where you jump off a big hill/small cliff with a parachute harness. We practiced for several hours--after I wrote "R" and "L" on my hands because I kept getting confused about which cord to pull. On the pathway to the top of the hill, I fell face-first, and I had to go to the emergency room for stitches in my knee... before I ever had a chance to make my final jump!
click HERE for image source
3. I have met Barbara--and her family--from Corner on Character. I actually visited her in Texas IN REAL LIFE. She is even sweeter in person than she is on her blog. She is genuinely compassionate about what she does and the love for her family just radiates from her. (Sorry, Barbara, for cropping a picture without asking). At the Corner, Barbara talks about living life with JOY, but she actually makes an effort to live that way, and to savor the goodness in each day. She is my role model.

4. On my father's side, both of my grandparents were born in Poland. My mother's grandmother was born in Czechoslovakia. My cooking and speaking skills in either background are seriously limited! Well, I can say, "How are you?" "Give me a kiss" and "I love you" but that leads to a rather limited conversation...

Wonderful world map graphics from Z-p-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs at TpT HERE
5. I love (nonpoisonous) snakes and have held both an eight foot python and a four foot boa constrictor. I think snakes are fascinating! The snakes I "knew" were not green like the one pictured here because this fella lives in the rain forest and I live in the suburbs. I was going to add a picture of me holding the snake, but the snake did not have a photo release on file. Here's the best part about this fun fact: I am creeped out/bordering on terrified of worms. Eight foot snake. Two inch worm. I'll choose the snake every time.
Clip Art by Carrie Teaching in First at TpT HERE
Those may be the last five unknown facts that remain about me as a blogger. Otherwise, my life is an open book!

Now, go back up and click on the big graphic to take you to the BlogHoppin' link-up. Add yourself into the mix, so we can learn about you too! Don't feel like scrolling back up? Okay, just click HERE...


  1. 30 years, what an accomplishment, but at the same school. WOW! Impressive!

    Hodges Herald

  2. Compendium is a marvelous word! I'm so thankful we are basically allowed in our rooms whenever we want all summer. Good luck sneaking in!

  3. Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling down, thinking, please don't let her get snatched by security, and then, after 29 years you ought to BE security and then, hey - I parachuted once, too - and thinking about things we have in common and then ... I see my new blog button and my picture and I can hardly read what you wrote through crocodile tears. WoW ... and thank you. We are eagerly awaiting your next visit!

    Making it a JOY-filled day and sending BIG southern smiles your way,


  4. ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts. LOVE your sense of humor! Have a great school year!

  5. Well, well, well. I knew there was a reason why I always read your blog posts. We come from the same place - us eastern European-types! My grandparents were born in Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Poland.
    I had the chance to take a sign language course in college - not for credit, just something one of my professors wanted to do. But I couldn't. Because I got my one and only ticket, passing a car across a double yellow line. At the bottom of a hill. The car was turning into a bar, and I moved out of the way. In PA, that's six points, and back then, that meant remediation. Four weeks worth of films about people dying in car crashes. Apparently remediation was successful, as I've never gotten another ticket.
    Oh my!

  6. Snakes....eeeekkkk! No way!!

  7. 30 years at the same school is amazing! Snakes-not my favorite, but someone has to like them!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
    Find me on Facebook

  8. 1. I will be starting my 13th (has a 3 in it) year teaching - all at the same school. Don't ever want to leave it - it's perfect!
    2. I have never once tried para-gliding ... and don't think I ever will. You are my HERO for trying it.
    3. OK - I've never met Barbara in real life ... but you know I have that connection, too. And maybe one day ... we can put each other into #3.
    4. You're not going to believe this ... but my grandmother on my father's side was born in Poland. My grandfather was from Germany. They emigrated here shortly after WWII. I visited Germany with my parents (when I was 5), but my phrases are limited to counting to 10, please and thank-you, and asking where the bathroom is. ;)
    5. HATE snakes ... I'm sorry - you're on your own with that one. I did, however, bravely save my daughters from a large spider in the kitchen yesterday. ;)

    Runde's Room


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