Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 4... Trash Talkin'

I think Pinterest is haunting my dreams!

One of the first items I ever pinned was this:

Whenever, I would look at my Pinterest boards, this was always the first pin that would catch my eye. Last week, I was having a back-to-school dream, and there was a polka dotted trash can in my just-a-dream room. But the reality was: I really wanted a trash can like that!

For years, I had one purple and one magenta trash can. There were big cylindrical cans--just right for a big class--and, of course, the perfect colors for my room.

Time got the best of them, however, and, after years of devoted service, they both cracked. I tried glue. And tape. And I can strongly suggest against both options.

I searched for a looooooooong time for a another colorful replacement, but the best I could come up with was black. In fact, I never really did see many other suitable-for-the-classroom options besides black, white and various shades of red.

So, for a year, I suffered in a state of trash-can-boredom with my plain back cans. And then Pinterest came along...

After pinning that picture, I was determined to buy a Cricut. Or a Cameo. Or both. I needed circles. Thankfully, those purchases didn't happen, because I have since decided that crafts just aren't in my future. However, I DID find these...

These are circular decals. And I found them in PURPLE! And they are available in LOTS of other colors too. Click on the picture to see some options at this site. They have sales all the time!

And, happily, JOYFULLY even, I now have two trash cans that look like this!

I think I should have taken the picture without the bag... but you know that this is an authentic picture because the can is nearly full after a day spent readying my classroom. (And you can tell it is a public school by the so-sad baseboards and the who-would-pick this-color aqua tile!)

I just love my trash cans. Sometimes it IS the littlest thing that can make a teacher happy...


  1. LOVE that trash can! What a great idea :) Totally gonna spruce mine up now! Thanks for sharing :) I'm having a fun giveaway over at my blog today! I'd LOVE for you to check it out!


  2. Love the trash can! You are right...sometimes it is the little things that can make is happy. Trash cans and all ;)
    Happy new school year, friend!!
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. so cute! I want to do my mailbox as well

  4. Super cute!! Love the color it adds!

  5. Hmm, I wonder if my school would let me spruce up my trash cans...

    Fifth in the Middle

  6. OMG!!! I have to do this! My room is all polka dots!

    I am not going to ask my school, I am just going to do it and ask for forgiveness later!


    Hodges Herald

  7. Oh my gosh! So adorable. My trash cans need a little sprucing up... Great idea!


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