Monday, August 12, 2013

23rd Day... I Love That Flowered Bin!

Do you have anything in your classroom that just makes your heart happy? I have three things: my pink chair, my bling-ed out bell and my flowered bin.

I just love this flowered bin. I bought it at the Container Store and I use it as the place where students turn in completed work. It's perfect for the task... wide enough to hold papers and spirals and over-sized assignments...



I will have to look at this bin whenever I pick up a pile of papers to grade, but those sunny flowers will make the job a little easier.

Being a teacher is hard work. And there are plenty of days when the going gets a little rough. That's why I surround myself with happy things. And that flowered bin makes me happy!

What do you have in your classroom that makes you happy whenever you look at it? 


  1. I can see why you like that bin! So cheerful!

  2. I have a collection of Willow Tree Angels on my middle shelf in my office and it makes me positively joyful when I stop long enough to gander up there and remember all of the little angels who gave them to me over the years.

    LOVE your bloomin' bin!


  3. I want it! I have this little schoolhouse that one of my favorite principals gave me. It is one of the few "things" on my desk, that and my Sasquatch action figure.

  4. I never thought about it that way- I am going to adorn my "turn in" tray with m&ms- no wait, make that Snickers!! Then I won't mind grading!
    Love your flower bin too!
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

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