Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There WAS Enough Air on That Airplane!

I lived through the airplane ride.   YYYyyyyyaaaayyyyyy!


It may seem odd that I am not the least bit concerned about crashing while flying.  It's BREATHING I am worried about.  So that not-enough-air-in-the-airplane phenomenon just erodes all rational thought in my tired, little mind.

Consequently... I had forgotten about the little silver cart.  I should have reviewed the Sally Takes A Ride In An Airplane picture book before I left...
Frequent flyers (who, apparently, have lost their zeal for oxygen) know about this important fact:
A (usually) nice man or woman pushes a silver cart down the middle aisle of the airplane.  First, they give you a snack....

I REALLY like snacks, but I have never seen this iteration before... it was like miniaturized pretzels and the smallest little bread-like shapes and something-else-I-forgot-and-you'll-know-why-in-a-second and it was ALL covered with cinnamon sugar which was soon everywhere!  And, I AM NOT KIDDING, when the people in my row saw that I had eaten the snack, they all gave me their little packets, which seems weird now, but seemed very generous at the time!  This also meant my purse was bulging with bags of miniature sugar-covered snacks when I got off the plane and I was really glad I didn't have to explain that collection to the security folks!

Oh, yeah, the cart... You know how they have soda on that cart?  And coffee?  And juice?  And OTHER beverages?  The man sitting next to me on the plane (NOT the one from the airPORT) looked a little alarmed when I was digging my fingernails into the armrests (before we took off).  And I could tell he was thinking:  I hope this woman does not dig her fingernails into my ARMS...  And by the time I was starting to cry, he gently, kindly, and oddly proactively, suggested I might like a beverage.  And I had already had regular coffee AND Starbucks, and I didn't think I needed any more coffee, so I said, "Thanks, I've already had coffee."  And he said, I wasn't thinking coffee..."

And I KNOW it was morning, but there WAS orange juice in it, and I've always been one to cover all of my food groups {says with smirk}, I agreed he was right....

And then I was in Washington.  Uhhhhmmmmmm.  Skip a few steps, Kim?  Yep, a sleepless night before the trip, mixed with pure panic, and a little morning pick-me-up put-me-out... and, well, it is now all a distant memory.

 I know I will have to fly BACK to California in a few days (and, yes, I have considered buses, trains, and walking).  Barbara from the Corner on Character explained (via her aeronautically-inclined husband) the physics of where airplanes get their air, so there SHOULD be enough for everyone.  Irrational thought doesn't always yield to the laws of physics, but I will do my best.

And speaking of LAWS, I will have to break one tomorrow.  I'm not sure if there is a BlogJail, but I may have two posts in a day.

NO!  Technically not!  I have to proof-read quickly and then amend all of the mistakes. (Remember... I am the one who types, inaccurately, with four fingers and a thumb!) (Wait... let me clarify:  I HAVE all of my fingers and thumbs, I just can't type with that many digits.)

So... I can have this post stamped on December 27th, and then I can post again on December 28th... No rules (completely) broken.  Ahhhh.  My conscience is at ease.

But not really, because I am sooooo behind on BlogFun! 

I have to catch up on three Linkys (See: 1) Kristin/Hadar's 11 in 2011... which is also at linked at Hadar's/Kristin's 11 in 2011  2) Fern's Top Three Most Viewed Blog Posts... and Mor's/Teacher's Treasure's Resolutions) and I MUST find out about Hadar and Kristin's IRL link-up (and what DID Kristin wear?), and I HAVE to get those freebie math posters at Ladybug's because I am teaching geometry on Wednesday (and have you seen those tags from her [famous] colored MATH BINS (Matchy Matchy Heaven!) at her TN store?!) and then there are new organizational details coming at CFC, and there's a Giveaway at The Crafty Community (Hobby Lobby GIFT CARD, anyone?) and there are 472 blogs I need to peek in on, and 148 comments to be left, and there are naps and movies and reality TV, and MMmmmm snacks, and listening to the Washington rain and special time with my sweet NIECES...  Goodness, I have to sleep fast!

Wishing YOU wonderful times too!

WooHoo.  It's 11:46 (despite the time posted below)... 14 minutes to spare!


  1. Oh Kim,
    Girrrrrl, I feel your pain! I do not like to fly either. At all! The last time I flew I'm pretty sure I left my fingerprints on the grips of my chair. I was with my daughters entire vball club team and while they all laughed and played games (and peeked over at me to see if the white color in my face had changed at all) I gripped the seat and had a deep conversation with the Lord as to why I was there and how was I going to survive it......THEN the Lord decided to grow me a little and delivered a thunderstorm, complete with cabin lighting up lightening!!!! BUT I survived and so did you:) We are big girls now:))) teehee! Enjoy your time with you family!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Kim, I am laughing so hard but relieved you are doing ok! I went to San Francisco a few years back and it wasn't my first time flying, but it was my first huge flight (east coast girl). Anyways, I had so much fun in San Fran I conveniently forgot that I would have to fly back (ok, not forgot, but definitely put it out of my mind!). But you know what? It wasn't too bad on the way home. I think I was tired from all of the fun in the week and grimly determined not to panic sooo...

    Enjoy yourself on your trip and try not to worry! And there is always that beverage option again, right?

    Thanks for the little shoutout, you always so thoughtful. I hope you have a blast and I will talk to you soon!

  3. So glad you made it back with air to breathe and all! Loved your post! Why don't I know about a giveaway??? Ladybug???

  4. Hi Reagan:
    You should get a special prize because you noticed my error... I deleted three lines of text trying to fix a typo and REALLY messed things up. And with the new Blogger design, it takes me 26 clicks just to add a letter to a word and that's how it all began!

    And SORRY, Kristen (I'm hoping you'll forgive me)... I bet you clicked right back over to your site trying to figure out how I got confused. Here's the good news--There were only FIVE views of that post--the traffic on my site is STAGGERING--and we know who three of the viewers were,so that leaves just two people out in the world still confused!

    And, two confused people, I'm so sorry I messed up. I hope you come back, because I think it's fixed now. AND that's the most links I ever put in a post, even if it did take me three hours to type that post and I was working right up until midnight (compared to Mor who can add 57 links in less than 12 seconds)

    Thanks, BlogFriends, for trying to keep me on track!


  5. LOL, glad you made it!!! I LOVE blogging but sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much I have to do too!!!!

    My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher


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