Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hadar and Kristin Invite You to 11 in '11... Take Two

Hi BlogReaders!

I have spent HOURS trying to get my last post, "11 in '11" to show up on the Blog Rolls with no luck!

So... I'd love for you to read and share...
(and maybe smile or laugh a little)
And link back to Kristin and Hadar...
And link forward to Mor and Farley...

If you click on the "peace picture"(chosen with help by a niece!), you should be there!
I'm crossing my fingers...


  1. Of course, Barbara-Dear!
    I knew you would... because I do too!
    And my nieces share the same appreciation!


  2. Hi!
    Happy (almost) 2012! I just wanted to invite you to a Linky Party by Secondary Solutions since I know you are a GREAT middle level teacher! :)



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