Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Top Three... Linking Up with Fern!

Our friend Fern Smith is hosting a Linky Party!  She is giving us a chance to join up and share the top three vote-getting (oops, I mean VIEW-getting) posts!

(Yes, I know this seems like old news, but I am typing fast (in my mind) to catch up, and I am not making a lot of progress... yet!)

Okay, you probably already know about this party because there are so many people already linked up.  I just might be the last little icon on the Linky Party list FOREVER!  This makes me really nervous for some reason, so I am seriously hoping that some blogger returns from a wonderful vacation somewhere and says: "Hey!  I want to link up.  I'll just add my blog button right here after that funny-looking purple square."

Ahhhhh. That would be better.  Otherwise, I may have to find a friend, convince her to start a blog, have her post three entries, view them all, ask you to view them all, then have her link up.  Hmmmm.  That sounds like a lot of trouble.  But I hate to be last.  Second-to-last is peachy-keen.  Last... Not my favorite.

Back to top three posts...  Click the link to read. review or remember...

Coming in at third:
3.  The Best Blog Post I Could Have Imagined, with 1,562,913 views

And second:
2.  How'd You Get Your Classroom SO Clean?, with 2,742,193 views

And, with the most views:
1.  All That And You're a Teacher Too?, with 3,831,952 views... no, wait, add one, someone just viewed that post!

What?  The links won't work?  Hmmmm.  I'll have to ask Reagan's techno-skilled son to check it out!

Oh, I know why!  Those aren't my posts--or my stats. (You knew that, didn't you?  Can't fool YOU!) Sometimes, my stats can make me feel the same way I feel at the gym:  The person next to me is lifting 350 pounds and I keep falling of the bike (which is attached to the floor!)

Here's the deal.  I was visiting Hadar and reading about her Top Three.  And Hadar had a post with 59,000+ views.  And I thought certainly I must need new glasses because I really thought it said 59 THOUSAND views.


Now our Miss Hadar is uber amazing.  She not only has multiple blogs.  Her blogs have had multiple names (and even THAT is fun to read about!)!  And she shares great stuff.  And she has tons of viewers and followers and products and Pinterest pins and I think she's some kind of BloggyGoddess!

Alas, I don't have a post with 59 thousand views, or even 59 hundred views.  I was just glad when a few of my posts had more than 59 views.  And, I'm happy to tell you, I am okey dokey with that (which is a little weird because I worry about EVERYthing, and I mean EVERYTHING).  But since I don't have to worry about 59 thousand, (Thanks Hadar-Dear), I'm just fine with what is REALLY on the list (... or on the list when I can find it, because Blogger appears to be changing things up in the middle of the night!)

Some of us have little blogs and we are learning and growing.   I am proud of what I have learned because I could barely save and print when I started and now I have LINKED {Listens for trumpets}.  If you are a "Little Blogger" like me (Not a Teeny Tiny Blogger like Kristin!), hang in there... the numbers DO go up.  And if you are a "Big Blogger" like my idols (many of which, amazingly, can actually sing AND blog--although I am not sure about doing those concurrently), I am awed AND inspired (and those accolades work well together!)

So here are my REAL stats:

And here is what I find most interesting:  My post with the most views is about PAPER PLATES.  And while I appreciate versatility and the opportunity for differentiation, I am just chuckling that people were looking at paper plates.  Still, I hope they found something helpful.  I see the paper plate pictures a lot on Pinterest, so I'm glad that there are new people discovering the JOY of paper plates (Just kidding... I don't think the paper plate phenomenon will hold up for analysis in my doctoral dissertation, do you?)

AND, I owe an enormous ENORMOUS debt of gratitude to Jodi at ClutterFreeClassroom...because all of those viewers came to my site to read about paper plates (and my paper cutter) because of the Week At A Glance Link Up.  (I miss those Blue Circle parties!  Anyone else?)

So, that's the news  from the blog with the purple square (the blog button, not the blogger!)

Two more Linkys to go, and I will be caught up... OH NO!  The Blog Roll is showing new posts! I can't type or read that fast!  I'm hanging out with an amazing (and an amazingly productive!) bunch of BlogFriends.  Time to go read!

Oh! YOU have probably linked up with Fern already, but I bet a lot of people have linked up since you last visited.  Maybe you can go back and show Fern some BlogLove...


  1. Oh, how I love authenticity . . . you are SO real! I'd actually decided not to join that linky party because, really, who wants to see that only four hundred something people even stop by every week . . . and then your post appears and I think that, maybe, I just might do it, too. Actually I'm not sure how to take that cool screen shot (hey, I knew what it WAS!!) so I'd have to just write it down and people would have to trust me . . . but if you can trust someone from the Corner on Character, golly gee . . . who can ya trust? I'm loving the belly laugh - thanks!!!

  2. Hello Barbara-Dear!
    Whether it is 4 or 400 or 4,000 views, I think each blog brings gifts to the reader--and yours brings many gifts to many readers.
    That's why I love blogging--it's like shopping... some days you need different things, and it's so nice when you have choices and you know just where to find what you need.

    Wishing you much JOY in the New Year!


    PS I use a PC and there is something called "Snipping Tool." If I can master this feature, ANYONE can. However, I know we'd believe you anyway because you're from the Corner!

  3. Thanks, Kim. I'm on a mac but there's probably some fun snipping tool embedded somewhere . . . such a digital foreigner I am. LOVE the shopping metaphor!!! Oh, and I was totally going to take some time off but my mind has a mind of its own!!!

    Thanks, as always, for sprinkling JOY! Barbara

    ps. Have you seen the Teachers Lounge posts this week? Yesterday's was on JOY, today's on Inspiration. Brandi's good!!! Here's a link:

  4. Thank you for linking up at my Linky Party and letting your readers know about it too!
    I loved seeing your top three posts. You are soooo funny...I aspire to be a "Hadar" too! I am now following you EVERYWHERE!
    Happy New Year,
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith’s Pinterest Boards!

  5. Kim!
    I freaked when I saw your fake posts and stats! Hilarious! Still laughing and I want to read them which is scary! Really hilarious!
    then I screamed and I told son you mentioned him! He freaked too and we screamed together. So awesome!
    I loved the paper plate rant. I just love you in the most not weird way!
    I can't wait to read your posts too! Lots of love flying your way tonight with plenty of air to breathe on the way!

  6. Oooh, yay! I am your 100th follower! Thanks for following Cachey Mama's Classroom and I look forward to reading your blog :)

  7. Wow! When I first saw your "fake" posts, I was floored!!! But your real post counts are amazing. I am hoping to be just like you one day :) Thank you for the funny, and heartfelt post. I enjoyed reading it.

    Teaching in Room 6

  8. HA!!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this post! I often wonder why some of my posts have a lot of views, and some of my very favourites have very few views. For the most part, my teaching ideas (especially ones that get pinned) seem to come out on top, but the ones that mean the most to me are my family posts ... and that's what "Runde's Room" is to me - whether it be sharing from my classroom or my family room.

    Runde's Room

  9. Thanks for the comment on my Christmas post @ Cachey Mama's Classroom. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I love Barbara's Corner on Character blog too. I also love the song Mary Did You Know and I was thinking of that song when I wrote the post. Glad to know you are reading :) I don't generally follow many upper grade blogs, but I can't wait to see what fun things I can find on yours :)

  10. Heehee - I loved this post! I feel the same thing (but with less page views) for my blog!

  11. Lim you cracked me up!!!!! haha when I saw the numbers I nearly had a heart attack and said to myself "you go girl".!!!! I feel the same way!!!!!!!!!!! It takes time to grow :) and we're growing together!!!!

    Also, I have a New Year Resolution linky party & a survey on my blog that I would really love your feedback on. Please stop by and give me your opinion.

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  12. Hi Kim! Yes you are right! My son was the student in the singing video! He was a second grader. (it was last year) He was the bloody nose boy, the smartboard boy, the throwing things at the teacher boy, the tetherball to the head boy...He also videod and edited most of that song for me. That's why the intro has a grammatic error. I asked him to put Teacher Song at the beginning and he forgot to capitalize and I didn't see it! (trying to let that go) Well I love that you hang with me and laugh because I am guilty of the same thing! You are so very funny! Have a blast hiding in Washington! I am jealous. It is supposed to be 65 degrees here and in the 70's for the weekend. :) let it snow let it snow let it snow I am about to make my classroom a winter wonderland regardless.

  13. That is hilarious! I am going to have to go check out those paper plates now!! =)
    I am a new follower, too!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  14. haha - girl, you CRACK me up!!
    (sorry, I'm just now getting to these- total backlogged in posts! ahhh!!)

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron


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