Monday, October 10, 2011

TBA Birthday Week Continues!

Biggest AddictThe birthday fun continues at TBA!

Today's TBA question was "Who is/was your favorite teacher and why?"

My favorite teacher was my SIXTH grade teacher!  I wonder if that is why I have chosen to teach sixth grade?!

Her name was Mrs. Moore and she was a new, young teacher...

In fact, the year I was in sixth grade, she invited our WHOLE CLASS to her wedding!

Three stand-out memories.
1)  The mother of one of my classmates passed away during our sixth grade year.  For the remainder of the year, Mrs. Moore took M and I out to breakfast early on Thursdays before school.  She reminded M to drink her milk, and gave her pep talks that I am SURE saw her through a difficult time.

2)  Mrs. Moore loved Peanuts characters.  Her room was bright and cheerful and inviting.  It was a FUN place to be!  I think that is why an inviting room environment is so important in my own classroom today.

3) Mrs. Moore had a special cupboard filled with novels.  If you were really interested in reading, she let you choose from her collection. I think this is where my true love of reading began!

Join in the fun at TBA.  You could win a prize!  Click the link and head on over!

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