Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shoe Linky Party at Cardigans and Curriculum

Don't judge... Okay, you can if you want to!

Yes, I actually do wear these to school--or I did when the temperatures were 90 to 100 degrees and more.

I'm getting older.  And after breaking my leg and my foot (on two separate less-than glorious adventures), I like comfortable footwear.  And Keens--ahhhhh--so comfy!  I can work all day without worrying about my feet!

They feel like you're wearing flip-flops, but the "closed toe" meets the ed code safety requirements! (Or at least those requirements published in 1987).

And they're PURPLE.  And purple just makes me happy.
The picture came from where they were listed as a "hot seller"  (which made me chuckle).

My clothes are decidedly uncool, but my purple Keens are not easily forgotten!

What shoes do YOU wear to teach?  Come on!  Join the party at Cardigans and Curriculum.

We had so much fun looking at bags... and who doesn't love SHOES!

See you (and your shoes) at the Linky!


  1. I have seen these all around my college campus in the mountains and I love them!! I have been debating between these and Chacos, but think that these might be the better choice since they are more close-toed and I could wear them to teach!!! Great choice!


  2. thanks so much for entering the giveaway!! I'm wicked excited to be following a 6th grade blog :)

  3. Kristen!

    WOW! Ladybug was here! (Picture me patting the computer and saying, "Oh My!")
    Happy dance of JOY! Happy, happy, HAPPY!
    THANKS for stopping by... I am wicked excited to have you visit!


  4. Ashley:

    I do love those shoes! They're a bit like Teva sandals with a front... and ummm... sides? They were even on sale when I last checked (Which, to me, always makes them cuter!)

    Happy day!


  5. Thanks for linking up! :) I used to have Merrells that looked like these!

  6. Oh Casey... Merrells!
    I love those too!
    People just don't know what they are missing at your "place." Sorry there are so few sharing... but I think LOTS are reading!
    Thanks for organizing the fun!



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