Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh My Oh My Golly Woo Hoo!

I can't tell you... No, I can't even BEGIN to tell you how tickled I am.  I mean... like... better-than-Starbucks THRILLED!  (And I RARELY say that!)
My sweet BlogFriend, Barbara, from The Corner on Character, bestowed two awards upon my novice little blog.  And I did a happy dance in the living room and let out a shriek that likely sent neighbors to their windows to investigate.

I'm embarrassed to tell you this blogging stuff is still hard for me.  As I mentioned, computers weren't even used in classrooms when I started teaching (No, I am not 97... yet).  Sometimes, it takes me an hour or two to complete (to my satisfaction!) a couple of paragraphs.  Just getting the two images embedded (right?) into this entry took almost an hour!  Small?  Medium?  Center? Right? So many choices!

So I am humbled and delighted and even-more-motivated to try to better my blogging basics!

So thanks, Barbara for recognizing my humble efforts! Barbara's inspirational work can be found at The Corner on Character .  I always learn something new there--and half the time I cry!  Her blog is completely HEARTfelt!

So.... Seven things...
1)  I have always taught in the same school.  I even did part of my student teaching there!

2)  I spent the first part of my career working with kids who were deaf and also had significant other disabilities (like autism, Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy).  I have worked in general ed with sixth graders for... well, forever!  (Or at least it seems that way!)

3)  I can't imagine (now) how I ever worked in such a medically-complicated classroom.  I am on the list of people on CFC's site who can't bear the sight of a loose tooth.

4)  Some of my former students are in their twenties (a few in their thirties) and some still visit.  It used to be grad announcements.  Now it's wedding and baby shower invites!

5)  I own stock in Starbucks!  Okay, I admit: It's only 3 shares.  But it still makes me happy.

6)  Shhhhh. This is a crazy one.  I have drawers and drawers of colored paper in my garage/office, organized by hue!  (Sad, but true!)  This makes me almost as happy as Starbucks.

7)  When I first moved into my new little house, the laundry had begun to pile up.  I reached to pick up a belt.  It wasn't a belt.  It was a rattlesnake!

That's my best effort on a Monday afternoon.
I got these awards as a twosome, so I am continuing the trend.  I am blessed to read so many blogs daily.  But they are almost all new to me because I am new to the BlogWorld.  And although some of these sites have received this award (and countless others) already, I am thanking each of you for the insight and delight I get from reading your posts.  Most are upper grade blogs--because I read them most often.  No particular order... Just a big order of THANKS!

1.  Runde's Room.  Jen has been very helpful to me in an assortment of situations and I have learned a lot from her varied posts (Don't you just love the artwork on her site?!!)  Thanks, Jen! 

2.  My Life as Fifth Grade Teacher I love that Lindsay is willing to tell it like it is!

3.  Oh Boy Fourth Grade  I can cancel the cable subscription.  That girl makes me laugh myself silly!  We won't soon forget the boy and the dog IN the bag!

4.  Miss Klohn's Classroom Her blog says she's a first year teacher--but I have learned a lot from her... and I could probably be her grandma's grandma!

5.  Sheperd's Shining Stars  Impressive! Half the time I don't know what I am reading--although I can now recognize Voki! I think her kids could make money on the side offering IT help!

6.  Teaching Tweens  Trying to teach and blog and sell and buy a house.  She could get the award just  simply because she is still conscious!

7.  6th Grade Scott Foresman Reading Street Resources  Oh, the dedication of Shannon.  That girl has will power!  The award should say Consistent Poster Award!  And FUNNY too!

8.  Footloose and Fancy Free in Fourth  A newbie like me!

9.  Jack of All Trades    I love her ideas about math games.  Leslie's strategies are already saving me time--and restoring my patience!

10.  Multi-Grade Matters  I am re-thinking teaching decimals thanks to this great site!  Great math ideas abound!

11. One Extra Degree  Beautiful things at that site!  So orderly.  Sigh.

12.  4th Grade Frolics  I just love the blinky bling button--and everything else!

13.  Clutter-free Classroom  I have to list this one.  Most people have found their way to my blog through hers (and TBA).  I read this blog over and over this summer--first for organizational hints, then for teaching tips.  Thanks for the motivation, CFC.  I'm here because of you!

Sometimes the directions say to list 10 blogs--other times it says to list 15.  I aimed in between!.  And there are MANY other great blogs--But now you can pass it on!

There may be limited learning going on in sixth grade tomorrow (since I have been typing in gratitude) and there was canned soup for dinner.   But I'm too happy to worry!

Even if you already have the Versatile Blogger Award, don't forget to celebrate yourself with the Blog on Fire Award!  You've earned it!


  1. Thank you so much :) I appreciate your blog love!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am loving your blog too!! Thanks for also giving me an awesome award!! Hope you have an awesome week!!!

    I am hoping to post about prime fatorization and math journals sometime this week:)


  3. You did AWESOME - how did you get the FIRE logo to match the size of the Green button??? I didn't even attempt that one.

    I can FEEL your passion through you words - keep on sharing the positivity!

    And let me know how knitting goes; I'm SO proud of you!!!


  4. Thank-you SO much! And I'm LOVING your blog, as well!

    Runde's Room

  5. Thanks Kim! I love reading your blog!

  6. I am so excited to find another sixth grade blog out there! I am just getting started with the whole blogging thing myself and am trying to figure if I want to set it up as a teaching communication tool or a way to reach out to other teachers. Do you have two blogs or just this one?

  7. Hi Karen:
    I just have one blog... and use it for both purposes. I have learned a TON already--and I have had fun sharing a few things as well.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts--and I am looking forward to reading more!

    I am enjoying the coziness of the upper grade community. There are so many amazing sites and helpful resources--not to mention NICE people.

    I'm glad to meet you.
    I'll be watching for you!


  8. Thanks so much for the shout out! Going to give you one tonight or later this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to get off the computer and go DO something else today!!!!!! :)



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