Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrating Six Months of TBA

Biggest Addict I am trying to add a few more followers so that I can have a giveaway... I keep waiting for the number on the follower box to change.

But YOU don't have to wait!  (After all, at the rate I am gaining followers, many of us will be be retired before I reach the magic number!)

Here's the good news: TBA is having a week-long celebration going on RIGHT NOW!  And there will be WINNERS selected at the end of the party! Sooo... run on over and join in.  Click the link to the left to see more details.

I have learned so much from TBA, it's hard to believe it has only been six months.  I'm sure I have already gained (at least) six YEARS worth of knowledge and resources from that site... haven't you?

As for birthdays, school rules, allergies, and a range of student cultures prohibit too much classroom "celebrating."  Still, even big kids like a little positive recognition now and then!  So, on their "special day," I give each child (who celebrates) a whispered Happy Birthday message and a birthday pencil.  I've been collecting for years, so there is quite a variety in the "birthday baggie."  And for those who want to remain "birthday anonymous," there are pencils with stars, and flowers and even a few tie-dyed or shimmery numbers.  And there are almost always smiles!

Happy Birthday, TBA!  Thanks for all I've learned!

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