Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blogging Behind the Scenes with TBA

Hello BlogFriends!
And Happy April Fools' Day!

I'm linking up with TBA as we summon our bravery and chronicle our writing habits...

I usually type my posts sprawled out on my bed, with my quilt and my coffee and lots of pillows (and I wonder why I have back problems!).

Most of the time I am in pajamas or sweats--not necessarily in pieces that came together, but that I have declared, by either by proximity or cleanliness, belong together!

Obviously, I can't show you the complete picture--but here are my fuzzy socks to prove that this is, indeed, a daily occurrence. I admit, I've never seen my feet from this view...

If I am not working on my bed, I like to work at the dining room table because the sun comes streaming in through the window and that makes my heart happy. However, if I work there for too long, we have to eat somewhere else, because I can cover a workspace with "stuff" in less than three minutes!

Again, I am most likely to be wearing pajamas or sweats wherever I blog.  This catchy little number came with bright pink leggings. I wonder why the clothing manufacturing folks think they can pair a size XL top with a pair of leggings that would best fit a preschooler. Truly. "Leggings"? As in: Not enough fabric to fit one whole leg, yet alone two?!

No, I don't USUALLY wear a funky hat while I type. But I need a haircut, and a make-over, so this was the safest shot (as opposed to finding some clipart of someone else working at a computer).

Here I am, hard at work, sharing tidbits of wisdom (and sometimes, drivel) about the JOYS of teaching sixth grade--or about the JOYS of having such wonderful BloggyBuddies!

Need proof that this is me? See the cup in the foreground. That's Starbucks coffee (Verona, yum!) in my Starbucks cup with plenty of cream. Need more proof? That's a stack of well-loved literacy texts that often inspire me.  Still don't believe me? Oh, come on! I've got nothing else other than to ask: Who else do you know that would wear this get-up and ADMIT it was her?

So... Remember to check into TBA this week.  There's a {really} big giveaway going on which you can enter HERE.

And there's a blog-hopping opportunity too. You Bunny Hop from site to site each day and pick up a freebie at each stop.  Doesn't that sound like FUN? And everything I've gathered so far is adorable!

If you haven't done so today, start at TBA by clicking HERE. This will direct you to Journey of a Substitute Teacher where Miss T. shares her behind-the-scenes pictures, offers a Freebie and provides the magic egg to lead you to the next Bunny Hop stop.

And, if you want to see a real triumph, click HERE to see how Tamara, co-founder of TBA, juggles children and blogging and recording--and still manages to look great doing it all!
(She didn't even need a hat!)


  1. Fuzzy socks are my favorite! I wish they could be widely accepted as shoes! Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes photos.

  2. Oh Kim, if you only knew how much joy you consistently bring to others. When I read your email to me, your TBA post, and then your blog post, I think I laughed a hundred times. YOU HAVE SUCH A SPECIAL WAY WITH WORDS! I had to use all caps since I couldn't accentuate my words like speaking. :)

    And thanks for referring to me in your post. I did not think I looked great in those pics but at least I took my hair down from its permanent ponytail for the photos. If I leave my hair down for too long, sticky hands will add a concoction of who knows what and my hair is a mess by night. I would have to borrow your styling hat.

    I knew that was instantly you when I saw the coffee cup. Yep, sure did.

    And I love the willow tree collection too. I have like 20 or so spread throughout my home. That is what my kids buy me for a mother's day gift and my birthday each year. They are so beautiful.

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH KIM! I hope we can meet in real life soon!

  3. And I thought the socks picture was funny.... the hat one is over the top!!!!! I need to put a face to the name PLEASE!!!!!!!! You're killing us here :) The mug def. gave you away :) I know all about covering the dining room table with school/craft crap in under 5 min.!!!!

    You rock!!!!!!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  4. You are adorable!! LOVE all the pjs!!! Your socks are fantastic - I don't have any fun ones . . .
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. LOVE the pics!!

    I FINALLY received your blog posts!!!! YEA!!!

    I'm about to go and get a makeover for myself in about 2 hours since we ARE OUT OF SCHOOL TODAY!!! :)



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