Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Visual for Think Aloud Work

UPDATE: For a few days, I had an image here that looked just like my little light.
Though I provided a link, the link didn't work--and now I have lost it altogether.
I always want people to get credit for what they do--I'm just not always techo-capable enough to make that happen!  Sorry link-to-light.  I just can't find you!
GRRRR.  I told you (see previous posts!) that I was new at this!

photo by Todd Sharek

Back to TEACHING (which is easier for me!)
Here (AGAIN!) is my tap light (purchased eons ago at Walmart) in action.

Have you ever been reading a story, stopped to share a thought or two, and then had a child ask: "Is that IN the story or are you just talking?"

Last year, I found a solution!  I begin by reading a picture book (or a novel) making it clear the words are in the text.

When I want to show that I am thinking (and no longer reading), I hit the little "tap light" and say, "I  am thinking..."  I then explain that our brains are WORKING while we read.  Reading is thinking!  This light is lit up just like my brain!

At some point, I let the kids try it out.  It is a great strategy to get them to think (and think aloud) while they read.  Just being able to press that little light gives them the incentive to form thoughts about their reading--and to share them!

I think the newer versions of the light look a bit more sophisticated.  Most of the new lights are LED powered.  Some are different shapes or have stars and other designs. Perhaps they look more like your brain.  Me... I just like the simple look.
Whatever your brain looks like, it's not a bad teaching tool for under $20.00!


  1. LOVE this idea - I've used the lights when I made a dollhouse for my girls, but this is SO much better!!!

    Runde's Room

  2. Kim - I pinned this new image to my pinterest page, and reupdated (is that a word???) the link on the old one - I wasn't sure how to change the picture on my old link. Hope that helps!

    Runde's Room

  3. btw - I told my coworkers about this idea, and they thought it was brilliant!

  4. Done! And it's absolutely no bother. ;)


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