Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I just had to!

This summer I saw a mini 'fridge on Pinterest...

Our lunch has been shortened to 30 minutes this year, and of course I am always late because of some kid calamity....

Usually I arrive in the lunch room and bemoan the fact that I have forgotten my Diet Coke yet again!

And then I remembered Pinterest.  It was a bit expensive, but...

Who can resist a pink polka-dotted mini-fridge from Pottery Barn?!   It arrived today and it is even cuter in person!  (Can you say that about a 'fridge?!)

I am trying to figure out how to hide it in my room, but still be able to see it and be tickled by how cute it is.

When things are tough in the classroom, sometimes we need to find JOY wherever we can!  (Mine is in the 'fridge!)

Happy Wednesday (Does that mean it's almost Friday?)

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  1. That is too cute!! I was wondering-can you add an email subscription button to your blog? I can't get a handle on my google reader yet so I still like to get blog updates from favorite blogs through my email. Just wondering! :)



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