Saturday, September 24, 2011

The First Week of School

I know, I know.
The first week of school was three weeks ago...
But it ranks among the most memorable in almost three decades of teaching!


Day 1... Rain!
I can only remember one other time when it rained on the first day of school!
Children walked around with dazed looks on their faces.
They are generally used to looking for their teachers and friends lined up on the sunny playground.
Not so on this day!
Somewhat soggy, and more than a bit overwhelmed, my 34 new friends found their chairs, and the day (and our new school year) began!

Day 2... Flying Critters!
First one, then three, then several.
Something was falling on the floor, on the desks, and on us!
They were on our shoulders, in our hair, on our shoes.
Like an odd sort of gray "flakes," they were accumulating on the floor!
A swarm of flying termites had found their way into our classroom.
They were soon followed by a legion of ants.
Not 100 or 500.
More like a thousand.
ON the termites!
(They're natural enemies, the "Bug Guy" informed us.)
We relocated to a new classroom and our day continued...
Here's some irony:  We read First Day Jitters (on the second day!) in our temporary quarters.
The students had more than a few adjectives to describe that day!

Day 3... The ants and termites had disappeared by morning and the school day was almost normal.
Shortly after the dismissal bell rang, however, things took another unexpected turn... as if this week could get any more peculiar!
A power outage affecting several counties (and over five million people!) ending our school week--on a Thursday!  In a new twist on "snow days," school was canceled due to the uncertainty of the restoration of electricity, the return of phone service, and the safety of the water supply.
They canceled school.  Unbelievable!
Later, we would reflect on the quiet togetherness many people had enjoyed.  An evening without video games and television led to conversations and board games by candlelight.
By the next day, the power had been restored in many areas, and phone service had returned. Bottled water was used for a few days until the water was determined to be safe.

And a memorable week came to an end.
Note to self:  If this trend continues, this is going to be a very loooooong year.
Second note to self:  Cancel unit on insects.  We have had enough investigative opportunities already!

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  1. HOLY MACK!!!! How crazy!!! I shouldn't be complaining AT ALL!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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