Monday, December 29, 2014

Just One Word... with Punctuation This Time.

Do you choose "One Little Word" each year? I love the simplicity of this tradition! 

There's a whole website devoted to the concept. You can check it out HERE.

I have made lists and lists of resolutions over the years... only to lose the paper before the new year begins. (And, often, my commitment to "healthy eating" lasts only until I pass one of the four Starbucks within a mile's distance from my house!) Resolutions are so daunting--and they are lost all together as soon as they are "broken."

But I can manage one word. It's just do-able for me.

For well over a week, I have been thinking about my word for 2015...

For a day or two, the word-to-be was CONTEMPLATE. However, I think I may already take "contemplate" to an obsessive level (as evidenced by the hours spent mulling over my new word!) But I knew that over-thinking was part of my problem, so I kept refining...

My life is often like an wobbling tricycle speeding down a steep hill. In too many situations, I hurry to get going... and keep going. Sometimes I don't think things through carefully until I am already in mid-speed. So, for a  little while, I thought the word should be STOP. But that sounded so... abrupt. (And a little scary).

So I decided that the word should be WAIT. Just wait before you rush into things. Into so many things. Into TOO many things. Yes! And yet... Well, wait felt too much like procrastination. (And I've already mastered that skill too!) Nope I wasn't there yet.

And then I thought of PAUSE.

PAUSE before I commit hours of my time (Do I really want to spend six hours recreating that water cycle diagram?)
PAUSE before I purchase (Do I need all of the books in the series right now or can I get one now and have money for something else?)
PAUSE before I over-contemplate (ruminate?) over things. (Wouldn't it be better to just pray and take action?!)
PAUSE before I eat the cookie/cookies and consider an alternative (Although you don't prefer an apple, won't you feel better later?)
PAUSE before I comment (Will those words be kind enough or do I need to rethink my response?)
PAUSE before I say "yes" to more things than I can handle (Are you willing to give up even more sleep if you commit to doing something else?)
PAUSE before I choose my word for the year. (Are you sure this it it? )


Pause. With a period. Pause. Think. Reflect. And then act. I can already imagine saying this to myself throughout the day! Unconventional, yes. But I like it. (Happy Sigh!)
Do you have a word yet? If you do... and even if you don't... Casey Jane at PrimaryPowers is having a Link-up. Lots of bloggers have joined in. And they are sharing their words if you need some direction or some motivation... or if you are looking for ideas. Click on the graphic to enjoy their reflections. And then come back and link up your own word!

The new year is SO close. I am sending you all good wishes!


  1. I love your word choice! It's a dandy one. I'm like you .....sometimes I shoot from the hip.....way too quickly. If I could on,y pause and think about it first, I might make better choices!

  2. Kim, I love how you allowed yourself to really take on this one word challenge... (and I secretly love that you added punctuation, but don't tell anyone else that I love the rule-breakers). Your word is a great pick!

  3. Great word Kim! I just read your post and decided to link up my own. Happy New Year!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. Love this post, love your word, and love you!!! My OLW kind of fell in my lap when I was doing a craft project (future Monday Made with Tay last week. Gratitude. This school year has been a tough one for me and at times, has taken away my joy and passion. I am going to focus my energy on something I am grateful for each and every day and not let the negative things, that I have no control of, rob me of my happiness. Today, on this first day of the new year, I am grateful for you my friend!!! Happy New Year! Love you!!

  5. I LoVe this one word idea. Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

  6. I came across your blog from reading Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans' blog .. I really like your one little word. It's really suiting for a lot of us. That is a word I'll have to keep in mind. It reminds me not to do something or make a move by letting my emotions get the best of me but rather by using my head so I won't look back on it later.


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