Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five for Friday... Away from School (Sort of)

This may be an odd post for me... I am actually talking about something other than school (mostly!)

School ended for me on Thursday. And although my classroom looks like a disaster zone, I couldn't get into school due to furlough lock-outs.

So I hopped on a plane and headed for Washington!

Every summer I have a chance to visit my two nieces in a little town in Washington. It's always one of my FAVORITE parts of vacation. They are such sweeties. They own a huge part of my heart!

We did lots of fun things... we went to Mount St. Helens, we went to the library (those words went UP a wall!), we saw a movie, and we went to Powell's Books in Portland. And we laughed, and ate pizza, and watched movies from when they were toddlers and we just had a great time! And my oldest gal turned fourteen while I was there (My younger gal turned thirteen in March.) Time flies.

And then it was on to San Francisco!

Just north of San Francisco, we visited the Hubs' niece and nephew--they're twins! We were there for their middle school graduation.
In addition to the graduation, we had a big celebration, we went to a Giants game and spent some time just chatting with the kids. Teenagers are amazing beings!

From San Francisco, we began the trek back towards southern California. And that leads to our next adventure... Camping! (But those adventures will be chronicled in NEXT week's Five for Friday!)

You can't see me because I am hiding in the tent. Want to know a secret? Here's what was in my backpack... 

And that's how you know I'm a teacher!

Wishing you plenty of summer fun and adventures...

PS The little cars came from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs HERE, the sweet "people" came from Krista Wallden HERE, Washington came from DJ Inkers HERE, the airplane came from Poppydreamz HERE and the camping graphics are from Johnson Kindergarten Corner and Digital Clipart HERE.


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me! Let me know how you like Productive Group Work:).

  2. We have lots in common! I just got back from vacation in Spokane, WA - and I also brought a ton of teacher books with me too :)

  3. I sneak my professional reads away on vacation as well. :). It's who we are. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. What a fun trip! I love Washington- it is so green, with some great old barns.

    2 Smart Wenches


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