Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently... It's June!

Hooray! It's June! Vacation is within reach! 
AND it's time to link up with Farley and Friends for another Currently...

Our last day with students is June 11th--which is also the day of our promotion ceremony. This is a day I anticipate (with mixed emotions) each year. This year's group has "grown" more than many other classes. And while their minds are already on middle school, I am reluctant to let go of more than a few of them. It has been a memorable year, to say the least.

However, I DO love summer. I have always appreciated being on a "traditional" schedule because it takes me a long time to unwind after the school year (and even longer to clean out my classroom!) Time is such a precious commodity to me. Just having time is a treat!

Oddly, my free time is often spent planning for school. I love the thinking part of being a teacher. Some people like hiking or canoeing or museum-visiting. Me? I like planning. Just give me my computer, some empty spiral notebooks and some terrific pens, and I will be happy for weeks!

This summer I am going to try to shift some of that time into reading ("normal" books, not teacher books) and relaxing. I am already struggling a bit with this idea. My brain seems to shouting: SEPTEMBER! Three times I had to check... Yep, this Currently is for June! (Thanks, Sweet Farley, for keeping me on track!)

I am excited to be visiting my (adored!) nieces in Washington and then some friends in San Francisco in the next few weeks. I wonder if I am the only one who spends more time worrying about my "thinking" elements over my wardrobe elements. I throw a few comfortable items to wear into my suitcase and then agonize for hours over whether to bring my computer or my iPad.... and which pens and sticky notes I must have... and how many books I can fit in the suitcase (school and "regular")...

And the older I get, the more I have gotten attached to having snacks. What if the plane is delayed, what if there is traffic on an outing, what if we are stranded somewhere (anywhere)??? I am just more content knowing I have snacks! Pretzels are my current favorite--but I can easily adapt to other choices.

So, how about you? Out of school? Last few days? Or looking longingly toward the end of the month like my pals, Jen Runde and Kristen at Ladybugs Teacher Files?

Whenever your year is finished, I hope that your summer is filled with friends and family and plenty of relaxation... and all of the fun you are hoping for!

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  1. Hi Kim,
    I have 4 more days and am on the countdown. Enjoy your summer.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. Hi Kim! We're not out until June 21st - 15 more school days....... I am totally with you about the snacks!! But mainly for my two young daughters - they get CRANKY when hungry. (Don't we all, really?) Anyway - have a great summer and try not to plan ALL the time. :-)

    If you're looking for a great summer read - something light and short but with some deeper meaning to it - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is excellent.

    From Mrs. Allen’s Teaching Files

    1. Are you year-round?
      That is so late into the summer.
      Hope the days go by quickly for you.

  3. Don't we all have that wish of getting the organizing done ahead of time in the summer....and then what actually happens??? It sits until fall ;) At least that is what happens in the land of Stephanie ;)

    5 more days...5 more days...

    Teaching in Room 6

  4. Ha ha....I wish I could stop my mind at times too! Was longing for summer break and now all I can do is obsess about my classroom and allllllll the crazy changes coming down the pipe for our state and district:/ No fun!!!! AND we go back in July!!! So, I'm kinda dreading that it's already Hugs my friend:))))))

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. p.s. I'm drinking an extra cup of coffee in your honor my friend:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. I need to do my report cards too....I don't know why I'm procrastinating them so much this time around. I just don't want to do it!! :)

    So ready for summer. I HAVE to clean my entire classroom and pack it up since I won't be staying at my current school. They want us done by Friday (our last day)...yeah right.

  7. I have to do report cards, too! My brain needs to slow down, too! I am changing grade levels so I am already thinking about next year! Eeekk!

  8. I need my brain to slow down also! I am trying to figure out how to redo my room for next year.

    Learning Ahoy!!

  9. I need to get my report cards done too... OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS... I am on here instead of grading some last minute papers... LOL thanks for always linking up my friend :)

  10. My niece drew a picture on her dry-erase board and then wrote Happy Summer Vacation. Under that, she put only (whatever number it was) until school starts.
    I was like what are you thinking.
    No count downs until schools starts. lol
    I guess it is only natural to think about next year.
    I'm with you about shifting to some reading for enjoyment or "normal" books as you call them. lol
    Hope the last days go by quickly.
    Have a great summer.

  11. I love your post! You sound like me! My school year ends this Friday, with a promotion or "bridging " ceremony that morning. I completed my report cards last night (whew) and just need to get through all of my finish up plans for the next 4 days!

  12. Hi, I'm Janelle! I am a third year middle school teacher, and I have been browsing through teacher blogs recently. Yours looks fun, so I decided to follow. I am always looking for new ideas, and I always try to share mine when I can!

    -Janelle at

  13. are SO close to being finished!!! I hope everything goes wonderfully at the promotion (though I know it will!)

    Kim, I LOVE San Francisco!! It was the first time I ever ventured out west and it was an incredible trip! I didn't plan very well clothing-wise though...I guess being a true North Eastern girl I thought Cali would be really warm! It was really wind and cool! I still had a blast though. I really would love to move out to your gorgeous state :)

    I have 10 days to go!!!!! Happy last days of school my friend!!


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