Thursday, March 28, 2013

Searching for the Truth and Uncovering the Lie!

Whoa. That sounds rather ominous!

Thankfully, this all relates back to the fun link-up at Flying into First Grade...

Here were your options:

Statement 1: While working for the Hawaii Department of Education, I got lost in a sugar cane field with my co-presenter somewhere in the vicinity of the school where we were assigned to work. We drove through rows and rows of cane plants (which poked into our windows and nearly damaged the car) for over an hour and narrowly missed having the workshop canceled on our behalf... Or...

Statement 2: As a seventeen year old employed at a doughnut shop, I misread the directions while making raised dough (such as that used for glazed doughnuts). As a result, once I mixed the warm water and dry ingredients, the dough rose out of the mixer, filled first one large trash can, then two, and then nearly half of the dumpster in the parking lot behind the shop... Or...

Statement 3: During my first year of teaching, I was on duty as the recess supervisor when three large dogs from the house across the street broke free from their backyard and found their way onto the school playground. Hundreds of children watched amused and/or horrified as I ran back and forth across the playground, among four square, hopscotch and tether ball games, trying to catch and capture the furry friends with only the help of my whistle and a commandeered jump rope...

Hmmmmm. Are you still wondering? Which ones ARE true? And which is completely made-up?

Statement #1... True story! I thought I would be lost forever in that sugar cane field in Hawaii! Fortunately, the native Hawaiians were so sweet and friendly that once we finally DID arrive, they gave us some food and some juice and made us feel like everyone, positively everyone gets lost trying to find their training location.... I am chuckling now remembering that is was a rather large white building that we managed to miss...

Statement #2... True story! It was the one time in my life I thought I was actually living an episode of I Love Lucy! It was only my second job (if you don't count babysitting), and I was panicked. I am still paranoid about fractions, because clearly I read some part of that recipe incorrectly. I do remember securing the assistance of some rather cute box boys from the grocery store in the same parking lot. We hauled the dough out in big plastic trash cans (which were surprisingly heavy) and tipped them into the dumpster. And, yes, I admit that I drove by the next morning to determine that the dough was not oozing out of the dumpster like the blob that ate the doughnut shop (Good movie plot, though!)

Statement #3... Ah, there's the falsehood. Here's the TRUTH on this one: I am afraid of most dogs (although probably not Sydney or Murphie or Missy Squirrel's dog, Truman, who could probably fit into her chicken purse). I have a very bad feeling that if there WERE three large dogs (or medium dogs) (or, quite possibly, rather small dogs) loose on the playground, I might cry. Or I might say, "Oh My Golly! There are three large dogs loose on the playground... Somebody DO something!" Or, most likely, I would run up to a few of my sixth graders and say: "Look. Help me out here. I'll give you all homework passes if you can PLEASE help me out with the dog situation..."

Of my many (okay, nine) respondents, two people guessed correctly. Tamara and Nancy: Check your e-mail for a Starbucks treat! And, if/when I start my own CSI outfit, I want you to be on MY team!

Here's more news: Tomorrow, the Easter Bunny Freebie Trail is dropping by my blog! YIPPEE! I loved being a part of TBA's Bunny Hop last year. (I felt very "grown up" about it, for some reason. It was my first ever HOP!). And now the bunnies have hidden something special for you AGAIN!

So be SURE you hop by tomorrow and find a FREEBIE.

And don't forget to link up with LaToya at Fluttering through First.
Finally, don't you just LOVE all of these Ashley Hughes graphics? I left the link to her TpT store below. Such happy stuff! (And my numbers are from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! Click on the Zip to get there!)

See you tomorrow... PEEPS!

Artwork by Ashley Hughes on TpT
Fun fonts by Jen Jones at Hello Literacy and on TpT


  1. I cannot believe I missed the contest .... John got it wrong ... he guessed the dog story was TRUE .... he went on to say that he had a I Love Lucy episode himself once when he was single and out of dishwashing soap .... he decided to use Dawn dishsoap and you can imagine the bubbles were coming out everywhere ... kind of like your dough .... I wasn't sure .... I just LOVE stopping by for a dose of JOY from my friend.

    Hoppy Easter!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I was correct! Yay! I LOVE CSI and am a total forensic junkie. My favorite reading series in elementary school was Encyclopedia Brown. And did you see this post I did a few weeks back- Glad all that reading and TV watching finally paid off- he he!

    On a sidenote, I was glad to receive your email. My email server was hit by that big virus that they've been talking about on the news and my teachingwithtlc email was down for three days so far. It is now empty so I was happy to see your email since I think your email was sent through my gmail account.

  3. :) You would never ever need to be afraid of Sydney or Murphie. I bet they would even cure you of your fear!! :)
    CRACKING UP AT THE DOUGHNUT STORY --- hilarious!! Do you still know how to make some glazed doughnuts because I love them!!!!

  4. TOO funny!! I mean you are TOO FUNNY! :)

    I know where to come whenever I need a laugh!



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