Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enjoying Spring Break and Playing the Noun Game

One thing I know for sure...

All of these sweet springtime elements are from Scrappin Doodles
I do love Spring Break. Not because I am going anywhere or doing anything "big"--but precisely because I am not going anywhere or doing anything big.

I'm just reveling in the fact that the hands on the clock can go all the way around and no bells will ring and no whistles will blow. Pure bliss!

So, I am going to spend part of my afternoon joining in on the next installment of Latoya Reed's Linky at Flying into First Grade (because the link will expire soon and I will be the last one linking up... again. At this point I am thinking I should change my bloggy button into the shape of a caboose!)

This past week, the task was called "The Noun Game," and it gave you the opportunity to name your favorite person, place, thing and animal!

1. Favorite Person: This is the hubs. He fills in the spaces in my life in so many ways. He is a volunteer tutor for the younger kids at our school twice a week, so he is forever "picking up something that we need" or "stopping by Starbucks" or "bringing something by" that I forgot. He wears a coat and tie to tutoring so that the little kids will know that learning to read is an important and serious business. Adorable! And then he spends time on his cell phone or looking through books trying to find a picture of a puffer fish or a trilobite or Gettysburg so that he can help bring the stories to life. On top of that, he is constantly setting something up, taking it down or building it or cooking it for an event at school. He listens to all of my stories and complaints and frustrations, and then knows just when to say, "Well, that's good"--even when it is the tiniest bit of improvement or a barely perceptible success. He's great guy. Best part: We've known each other almost 40 years...

Circa 1976

2. Favorite Place: I'd love to say some place exotic, but I like... my house. And I like... my classroom. I'm comfortable in both paces. And, of course, I like Starbucks, but that is a bit more transitory. I can stay in/on my bed and read or plan or work on the computer for HOURS. I'm a big fan of cozy. Give me some coffee (in a JOY cup) and I'm good to go. No fancy clothes required. Delight!

3. Favorite Thing: There are oodles of school-related things that I love. I love my Promethean board and my document camera. I love my laptop and all of my books and Sharpies and colorful clips. I love my decades-old paper cutter and my almost-brand new laminator. However, none of those things would be useful to me without my coffee. And not just any coffee. I love Starbucks--all kinds and temperatures and flavors  (except the green one. I haven't learned to like the green frapuccino yet.). I like Starbucks at home and Starbucks at/from Starbucks.

Here is my coffee cup wrapped up in a coffee cozy from Missy Squirrels. She's one of my favorite bloggy friends on the PLANET. You can visit her HERE. And you can check out her Etsy shop by clicking on the picture of the cup cozy! Missy Squirrels always makes me laugh! But you know what else? Missy Squirrels is also serious and warm-hearted and caring and compassionate (all at once). Oh, and she has a purse shaped like a chicken. With a name. Betty. But this paragraph was supposed to be about my love of coffee not (just) about my appreciation of Betty... Thankfully, Missy Squirrels likes coffee too. I'm not sure about Betty, though.

AND I like purple. Purple makes me happy! I have a lot of purple clothes. And ,many, MANY things in my classroom are purple. But, oddly, almost nothing in my house (decor-wise) is purple. I never gave that much thought until this minute. This minute, however, I AM wearing a purple sweatshirt and purple socks!

4. Favorite Animal: I am not much of a pet person. I did have a cat once... long. long ago. His name was Alex P. Kitten after Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties (The one with Michael J, Fox, right?). Eventually it was determined that Alex was a cat with some unique needs. If he were in my classroom, we would have to decide on a calm down area. And he would need some extra opportunities to practice being nice to our friends. Once, Alex (the cat) swallowed a piece of scotch tape. I was so traumatized, I almost had to ask the vet for some calm down medicine of my own! Alex flew to Colorado to live with some friends (of mine) and spent his days chasing ducks. And dogs. I no longer want to own a pet, but if I could pick an animal that I could just like from a distance, it would be a sloth or a manatee. Both are slow-moving, kind of chubby and not much concerned about being fashionable--just comfortable. I find those traits admirable and reassuring. This is definitely the kind of creature I could grow to love... from a distance, of course.

This sloth is from Scrappin Doodles. Click HERE to see him there!
Well, that's it for the nouns in my life. I have to scurry over and link up before LaToya closes the linky. I'm sure I'll be the last link again. Just call me the caboose.

Frame (above) and caboose are from Ashley Hughes HERE on  TpT

Don't forget to link up to LaToya's party too--or maybe you should aim for the next one. (Unless you can whip something up in the next hour or two). LaToya's got a plan for both of us, though. The new linky is already posted!

Check it out here:

Tomorrow is Easter. If you celebrate this holiday, have a wonderfully blessed and tradition-filled day. And whether or not you celebrate Easter itself, I hope that you will be able to enjoy a restful sunny Sunday with people that you love!


  1. I love this post and I am right there with ya on a lot of it! I love being at home....with my fam! Don't need to go anywhere:) You know I LOVE my Starbucks:))) Purple is on of the colors of my fave football team...does that count for in common??? Hope you are blessed today and everyday! Happy and blessed Easter to you!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Hey Kim!
    I love this post! I, too, am a stay-at-home kind of girl and I love lounging in my joggers with my computer and coffee! My hubby is completely the opposite--he likes to go places and get out of the house! I love it when he brings me home pumpkin spice coffee from Dunkin. Starbucks is a huge treat for me!

    Thanks for sharing more about you (and don't worry--the caboose is the best place to be :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day and a very happy Easter!

  3. Yep, I love home, I love my counseling suite, and I love spending time with family and friends. It doesn't get any better than that! I love Starbucks and I LOVE that 1976 picture of you!! Oh, and purple rocks!

    Easter blessings,


  4. This is the sweetest post ever!! I loved learning a little bit more about one of my absolute favorite bloggers ;) You and your husband are the cutest couple. I love that your favorite place is your home and classroom! It shows how you must be doing what you love of your classroom is one of your favorite places to be!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful wonderful spring break Kim! I know what you mean about just having NOTHING to do or planned where you can relax and make out your own schedule... enjoy every minute! :)

    Laura Love to Teach

  6. I loved reading this! I too am doing NOTHING for break and couldn't be more excited!

    My favorite part was about your hubs. He sounds like such a wonderful, honorable man. A suit and tie to tutor? BLESS HIS HEART! Every good teacher needs a good spouse by their side that "understands". I like to think that my fiancé is somewhat like your hunnie, and while we're still pretty young and have only been together for 9 years, I hope I can say the same things after 40 years together. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    Young Teacher Love 5th Grade Blog

  7. Purple is my favorite color, too. Look for an upcoming post where I share the makeovers of my laundry room and guest bathroom (which is now DEEP PURPLE!):)

    I just had my relaxing spring break so it's back to work tomorrow for me. As I write this at 12:31 am. Good grief-my inner time clock is so out of whack.

    Only 7 more weeks of school to go. Then I can be out for the summer and begin planning for next school year!!!


  8. The suit and tie for tutoring has GOT to be the SWEETEST thing I have ever heard! I read the the rest of your post through tears:)

    I have it on good authority that Betty DoES enjoy a cup of joe, she may also have been known to stow away an adult beverage in a Sprite bottle-:)

    coffee + teaching + blogging = BEST CONNECTIONS EVER!
    Love you, Sweet Friend


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