Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Made It (Forgive Me, Tara)

I don't know about you, but I am having a tough time getting anything done this summer. It seems like it takes twice as long to do half as much. Anyone else going though that?

So, even though it's late, and even though I didn't finish my task, I am linking up with my sweet buddy, Tara. I am hoping that this will give me the motivation to get the rest of the project finished! And I know Tara will forgive me for being a day late to the party.

Throughout the school year, I am always on the lookout for deals. I might see red pens on sale at WalMart, or folders marked down at Office Depot, or composition books with a cute design at Target (that list of stores tells you where I do most of MY shopping!). Unfortunately, these bargain finds usually end up in a bag somewhere in the garage "for later."

Soooo... It was time to compile my purchases--along with the "leftovers" that had accumulated along the way. Which brings me to the reason I never get anything done.

I really like the clear plastic bins from Office Depot (my ULTIMATE favorite place... after Starbucks, of course) because you can see through them. (I also use the colored plastic boxes to sort my curriculum--but I haven't made it to that part of the garage yet) Before I began sorting, I decided to make some quick labels to make the task more efficient. Two hours later, I had chosen a background and graphics for each box, and "prettied them up." Then the sorting began. YIKES! I had a much larger cache than I had imagined!

As I sorted, I also found myself making "temporary" collections. Since these would be emptied (either into the classroom or elsewhere in the garage), these items went into cardboard boxes... But, of course, these boxes also needed labels. And, as I bet you can guess, I had to choose the color of the paper to match the "spirit" of the contents of the boxes. 

MORE hours later...

I still have A LOT of work to do. I am further behind schedule because I stopped in the middle to take pictures, and then to blog about the adventure, and then there was a movie on...

I do find myself with funny combinations of things. Here's one of my favorites...

After a delightful iced mocha, I am standing in the middle of the living room with these thoughts flying through my head: I hope I finish the project before the weekend. Company will be arriving, and I am assuming they won't want to stand in the living room. Most of the surfaces are currently covered. There are boxes everywhere! Not to mention the pile of "What do I do with this..." items. Do you find yourself with those? Do you ever just throw them away? Can you find the Starbucks card?! Not sure where the light bulb came from. And, no, it doesn't fit any lamps or fixtures in my house. So... What box does it go into? Is it recyclable? I can't decide! Maybe I need another box. And another label. And there is another movie starting...

So I am counting this as Monday Made Progress. I'm hoping to be able to say, "Made It!" by next week.

Oh! Anyone need a light bulb?


  1. Kim I'm having a summer just like yours, as far as productivity goes. I feel like I spin my wheels more than anything else. I need to focus my efforts! Love all your pretty labeled and organized boxes. You are so far ahead of me in that respect. LOL

  2. YOU, my friend, are the MOST organized person I know, hands down! And UP ... and everywhere in between. Thank you for always adding in just a smidge of humor to keep me smiling.


  3. Kim I can't take you! I love the box labeled materials I just can't decide about! I need one of those :)


  4. I am NEVER disappointed and THOROUGHLY entertained when I read your blog posts! It's time for you to write a book. You could be another Erma Bombeck!!!! I am dating myself!

    Have a great week! I'll be checking in next Monday to see if you made more progress. LOL!

  5. Your blog posts always bring a smile to my face!

    Since we moved we've had boxes after boxes to unpack. We finally finished one room that was like a catch all room and I told my husband, if we haven't missed it yet, don't you think we could just throw it all away?!

  6. I really like the way you organized the school supplies. I have a tendency to buy stuff and for get about it and then buy more (and I wonder why I never have any money???) I've been having trouble getting go this summer to. I just bought a can of spray paint today! So maybe I'll have a productive week! ;P
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  7. You're motivating me now to start getting organized. Love the colorful labels!


  8. Awesome labels! I frequently find myself stopping in the middle of a task to do something cute instead of just finishing!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  9. Cheers for organization! for me it's bags. Bags and bags and bags. I *need* to switch to boxes to organize!

    Junior High Core Values


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