Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's not "Currently," but it IS still July!

Well, I started July with good intentions...
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I always laugh when I type on one of Farley's Currently pages--partly because it is rarely "Current" by the time I am writing the post. Lucky for me, Farley keeps the link up all month. It IS still July after all. It's not even in "the twenties" yet! You can still click on the pic and link up if you are as tardy as I am!

Summer is flying by and I just want to hang on and say "Nnnnnnnnooooooooooo! Slow down. I'm not ready!" 

I love summer. There are always so many things I want to do! I love sorting and organizing the bits and pieces of my life. It's therapeutic for me. However, at this point, my garage is a disaster zone (again). If I don't spend some time organizing it now, summer will sneak away, and I will need to spend another school year searching through boxes to find a book or an item I need.

I often run out of time, interest, and/or enthusiasm about an hour before my classroom is completely packed up each June. Invariably there are a few boxes that are filled at the last minute and brought home--and end up in my living room until I become brave enough to look inside.

Do you ever end up with a box like that? The kind that is filled with mementos, assorted pencils, books returned at the last minute, cards from "graduates," odd erasers and pen caps, loose game pieces and those end-of-the-year papers that I often forget to fill out. And Legos. Not sure why, but there always Legos. Oh, you don't have that box? Guess it's just me.

I love sorting through the items and discovering a treasure or two. Yesterday I found two Starbucks cards, a Kit Kat bar and fifty-three cents among the debris!


Right now there are a lot of cars zooming by my window. It's odd to listen to the traffic in the morning. It sends a momentary wave of panic to my brain.... What time is it? What DAY is it? Am I late for school? Ahhhh. Nope. Still July. Happy sigh.

Although it seems like a million years in the past, the Fourth was less than two weeks ago. We decorated our bikes with flags, packed them into the car, and drove to the beach. Just watching the holiday revelers provided plenty of entertainment and it was a sunny California day at its best.

It makes me wince to read about people already going back to school. The first week of August seems early to me. (This will be the last year we will start in September after Labor Day.) But July?! Terribly unfair, if you ask me!

Of course, if I started in July, I wouldn't be sorting through boxes looking for lost change and Starbucks cards. That box would be perched on the pile in the garage, and life would have to go on!

One last Starbucks comment... Don't you just love those new lime green straws? To me, they just say, "Summer!"

Wishing you a happy July... Hope you enjoy the rest of your "summer"--however long that will be!


  1. Hi Kim!
    Hope your summer is going well. I was trying to blog every day in July but fell off the wagon after a weekend BB tourney/waterpark stay. Fortunately I was having so much fun living life it was worth it. My first day back in Aug 27 and they sock it to us with a 12 hour day because we have BTS night the first day. Boo!

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts! =)

  3. You weren't the only one late to the party! I just posted my currently yesterday. Summer is going by way too fast. I wish I had until after Labor Day before I had to return to work, but August 5th it is. Too early if you ask me. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. Today a friend showed me your blog for the first time. I love your table number ideas! We were reading the blog together and both agreed this was one of the best simple ideas we had ever heard. Thank you for simplifying something as crazy as getting out supplies.

  5. Score on the Starbucks cards and chocolate! Nothing screams, "I'm-so-glad-I-went-through-this-box!" like free coffee and chocolate!! Riding the beach sounds like beach here in West Texas!! Have a great weekend!!

    Blessings, Sarah Burk
    FCS and Then Some

  6. I am IN LOVE with the new lime green straws!!!!!! No one else seems to be excited about them ;) lol
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  7. I'm with Heather ... you write with SO much voice that it's like we're sitting here together, sipping our Starbucks through those yummy green straws! So fun to catch up on what you're CURRENTLY up to!



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