Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday Trio... and a FREE Math Activity!

I've always thought that one of the greatest benefits of blogging has been the opportunity to meet great bloggy friends. That delightful connection has brought you some freebies today!

Do you know Fern from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas and Michelle from Teach 123? I bet you do! And if you don't, it's time to make some new friends!

Michelle and Fern have organized an opportunity for blog readers to meet some new bloggers and TpT sellers through a post called Throwback Thursday Trio.  And I am honored to be linked with them in this week's post!

It has been a year since my friends, Fern and Michelle began their Dynamic Duo monthly giveaways. They had a fun time working together and, of course, they love to give stuff away! (Makes you love them even more, doesn't it!)

Fern recently came up with a new idea:  Each week, they would make one of their normally priced packets FREE for one day.  This is their way of showing a little appreciation to the followers who have loyally followed their blogs.  As an added bonus, they decided to invite a different blogger friend each week to join them.  The idea was... Not only would the readers get free stuff, they might get to "meet" someone new and want to follow his or her store, too.  How great is that?!!! So, make sure you visit their blogs every Thursday...

And since today IS Thursday... You know what that means... FREEBIE TIME!

Chick on the buttons to take you to their (terrific!) blogs... and today's freebies!


And... Here it is! Your gift from me!

Click HERE to download your freebie.

Just a reminder:  You will not be able to leave feedback
after we change it back to a paid-for lesson.

Here's a bit of info about today's free product...

It was my very first product on TpT, so it will always be special to me. And I have used these cards in my classroom every year for the last five years!

I love this little set of cards. It would be easy for you to make them yourself--but these are done for you! And it would be really unnecessary to make them TODAY when, instead, you can have them free!

Fifth and sixth grade students are expected to have a working knowledge of integers. Older students may also benefit from a review. This set of cards offers students a chance to practice the concept of "greater than/less than" for positive and negative numbers by playing War, (we call it "Challenge" in my room) and they can practice opposites by playing Fish or Memory/Concentration. There are other options for practice too!

Another advantage of this set: No colored ink is necessary! If you run the cards on colored cardstock, you have plenty of color... and the numbers stand out.

I run mine on a few different colors of cardstock. That way if someone drops a card, I only have to go through a couple of bags to see which set is missing a card.

And, maybe this matters only to me, but the lines are really bold, so you have lots of latitude when you cut them out. I can cut on the lines and leave a border without my glasses!

What's included? The cards, of course (which are sized for a student to hold a few cards at a time), and some teacher ideas and some directions that can be printed for students too. This is a quick and easy game to put into a center or to use in a small group!

And... You just can't beat FREE!

Go on... go get some cards... 
Even if you don't use them now, you can them file them away for another day.
They're only free today (Thursday, February 20th)!

A special shout out of THANKS to Michelle and Fern for including me in the trio this week.
(Don't forget to click on their buttons to stop by their blogs for their freebies too!)

Christina Bainbridge font and Creative Clips/Krista Wallden frame

And a special thank you to YOU, too, for stopping by to visit today!


  1. Kim,
    Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about Throw Back Thursday. I just finished my integers unit. These will be a great addition. Enjoy your week. I'm off to plan my ratios and rates unit!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. Hi Michele! I didn't know about this either until this week. I am now going to look forward (even more!) to Thursdays! Thanks for stopping by... Happy almost-end-of-the-week!


  2. FREE? Now you're speaking my language ... but I'd need a free lesson on what the heck an integer is ... lol ... math has always been a foreign language to me :/

    What a fun post ... I love your enthusiasm ... and your generosity and willingness to share.


    1. Ahhhh. My morning is complete. Thanks for the HELLO!

  3. You are so much fun to work with, thank you for offering this freebie to all our followers!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  4. Thanks Kim! Those are fantastic!

    I'm running a link-up right now with the "teacher outfit" theme. Stop by if you get a chance!


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