Sunday, February 16, 2014

Currently It's February! (Note: Some Lying Involved!)

Yesterday I was reflecting on how the weather in February has felt a lot like spring in California. Actually, January felt like spring too!

I like February. It's a short month with holidays and chocolate!

I have been waiting for a long time to use this Christina Bainbridge font and this dotty paper by Surfin' through Second! And then I got to thinking: I don't think I ever completed a "Currently" for February!

The Olympics have been "on" in the background for days. I look up from the computer now and then, but I'm usually not sure who is competing. Those Olympic "coveralls" have left me completely confused!

I'm enjoying being away from school for two extra days--but I have a LOT to accomplish. I did well yesterday. Today... not quite as successful. I don't know about you, but I am always searching for  a balance between feeling like I had time off and feeling like I got things done.

I think working four days a week would be a good fit for me! I could work four days, plan/grade/mull/create for a day or two, and then still have time to be a "real" person for a few hours. How about you? People are often critical of the "short hours" that teachers work. I wonder if they know we never really stop working at all. Seems like I am almost always working. Even when I am not physically doing school stuff, a corner of my mind is still planing, reviewing, analyzing, wondering...

Now for the Truth or Dare part... I'm not sure what the dare will be. Hmmm... How about: I dare you to find the truth?

As you can see, I went with a bit of a Olympic theme for this event. Here you go..

1. While I have never been skiing, I have ridden the chair-lift up and then mountain-biked down (straight down!) Mammoth Mountain in California along the ski runs (Okay, it's a twist on the Olympics?!) Bumpy, twisty, fast... and scary. I got a t-shirt to commemorate my survival.

2. I traveled to the training center in Canada (site of the Olympics in 1988) where I sledded down the luge track just like the real deal. Icy, slippery, fast... and scary... like a rocket! Somewhere there are pictures!

3. Since it is quite close to where I live, I ran half of the marathon course through Los Angeles (site of the Olympics in 1984) one year in early spring. Slow... really slow... and still scary (unless you do not value breathing)! The best part was the ice cream at the end.


                                                      Which ones are true?

                                                                                        And which one is a lie?


The Real Truth: The fact that I did ANY of these things still surprises me! And yet...

Tale #1: Yes, I biked down Mammoth Mountain. Yes, I did fall. And my t-shirt says: "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up." I can't say I want to do that again any time soon.

Tale #2: Yes, I did slide down the luge course. Yes, I stayed on my sled. Yes, I felt like a human rocket. And, yes, I LOVED it!

Tale #3: No... I've never been on the marathon course in Los Angeles. I don't run. Never have. Never will. Unless you count jogging to the car on Friday afternoons. But the ice cream part could absolutely be true!

WOW. This has been an intriguing Currently installment, don't you think? If you haven't linked up, there are still lots of days of February. I should know. My little purple square is usually near the end of the collection! Time to click on over to Farley's and check out some other bloggers' contributions!

I hope that your February will be filled with lots of love and good things. And now I think I need to check on the cake. I am STILL hearing my name...

PS Those are Moo and Puppy digital papers featured above... HERE on Etsy!


  1. I sooooo look forward to your Currently each month!!!! I scared the fur babies laughing aloud at the jogging to the car on Friday... oh my, YES!!!! That is the only time that I move quickly. LOL! You have THE BEST sense of humor, my sweet bloggy friend. I envy those who teach with you.

  2. Hi Kim! Nice to "meet" you! I had to look up a picture of Mammoth Mountain (had to see what you're talking about), and I must say you are BRAVE! :) I don't think I could ever go biking down a mountain! I never run as well! LOL. Except maybe running for my car sometimes too! :) I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Hey friend:) Love your Currently:) I am trying to find that balance too....but since last week, down time won with my crash:/ I am right there with you though....I'm one of the first ones at school and bring sooo much home with me....we really are working most of the time. Balance....I'm still searching for it! Have a fab day off tomorrow:) Thank you for the prayers. I am going to try to go back Wednesday:) Hugs!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. I am right there with you on ALL of that balancing real life and teacher life and how my mind never turns off. Ever.
    And I got it wrong! I thought you would have marathon-ed, but the Luge??!! WOW!!!!! I am so impressed!!!!! I'm also impressed with the biking down Mammoth. No thanks. To any of your three!! But I will meet you for ice cream any day. :)

  5. I am petitioning that we shorten the school week to 4 days.....Who's with me! :)
    And so impressive, all that athleticism...You are an honorary Olympian in my book!
    Enjoy your three day weekend!

  6. Yesss to 4 day school weeks :-) And I love the 2 Truths and a Fib game . . . played that around the blogosphere to celebrate the release of my new book, 18 Truths!

  7. Hi there! I am visiting from the currently linky party. :) I totally agree with the 4-day week thing... I feel so much more prepared and refreshed when I have that extra day! It would be great to have Monday be an inservice day each week, so that we had 8 hours to prepare in our classrooms! I teach 5th grade, but some of your 6th grade ideas would be great in my class, so I'm following you now. :)

  8. Stopping by from "Currently." I also have the a hard time finding the line between being productive and leisurely. If you find the magic solution, please market it so I can buy it! :)


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