Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Currently January... WooHoo!

Wasn't I just talking about Currently YESTERDAY?! Oh yea... and I completed the December edition so late the "collection" had already closed?! (That's a first... and not one I'm proud of! My heart ached over that one But I've moved on! It's 2014 and I have another twelve tries to do better!

Swirly frame by Ginger Snaps Clip Art HERE on TpT!
So, for January, I am not last. And I will be "in the collection." It's like being in the in-group in high school (I wasn't, by the way. I was in the middle. Does that make sense?) Oh dear. I am digressing in paragraph two after spending twenty minutes trying to find the right shade of turquoise for the font on the Currently graphic! I am never going to get on the list this way!)

Well, if I type really, REALLY fast, I might be able to break into the first one hundred. What a great way to start out the new year. I was looking for a post from my pal, Middle School OCD, and a Currently graphic flew by! Do you know Susan? She is a true sweetie pie. And if you are an upper grade teacher, you should stop by her blog. You will love her language arts posts. She works with some struggling learners (like me!) and she always makes me feel motivated... and hopeful! Click on her button below to visit her! By the way, Susan REALLY wants to get to 300 followers on Bloglovin' so if you're reading this... Please click on the BlogLovin' botton (It's very cute!) on her site. She would be so thrilled to see that "magical number" and you could help her do that!

Which brings me back to Currently! The thought that this vacation may someday end is starting to creep into my conscious thought. I keep pushing those thoughts away, but I know in my heart that one of these many "Sundays" (during vacation, all of the days seem like Sunday to me!), it really will be a Monday and I will have to go "back." Ooooh. Big shiver.

Time out for coffee.

Mmmmmmmmm. Good pot o' Joe! (Hey! Why Joe? Why not Kim? I'm sure I drink more than my fair share!) I'm particularly pleased with this batch of goodness. I didn't have any coffee filters so I ended up using tissue paper from the Christmas wrapping box. At that last minute I decided against the red-and-green striped piece. Wouldn't THAT have been a mess!

Don't you love my cup?! I bought it during my first year of student teaching! That makes it over thirty years old! It's probably made of some toxic lead-based material that is mutating my chromosomes as we speak (heeheehee). BTW, any reports that I have a hoarding problem are absolutely UNtrue!

I know... A better photographer would not have had that funny blue blur in the middle...
Now, back to Currently. I really want to be more HOPEFUL and POSITIVE this year. I don't think those are my one two little words this year, but I was trying them out. I have been feeling a bit discouraged that my kids don't seem to be learning much this year. One day they even told me so! (Now THAT is a blog post for another day...) So, I want to go back to school BELIEVING they will learn more... and doing everything I can to make that happen! Believing. Nice word... But, no, not it.

Which brings me to another part of Currently. I am SOOOOO bad about writing my lesson plans. I always usually know what we are doing. After thirty years, I can predict where we're going, where we've been, where we could have been, and where we are not going. I just don't write things down. And I don't compress the activities into the amount of time I have, so I just keep teaching and teaching... and then June arrives too quickly. So, I am VOWING (so NOT my one little word) to be more consistent and diligent in writing down my plans and planning farther ahead.

Well, it's clear that I have wandered all over the place with this post. And I forgot to add in the Currently graphic. So here it is! (I'm rather pleased with the shade of turquoise in my favorite Christina Bainbridge font... It's called CBPlain and you can find it HERE on TpT). And, honest truth, I am going to rush and post this, since I have slipped from a possible #28 spot all the way to spot # 52. Afterwards I am going to go back and edit all of my spelling and typing mistakes. Let's hope I don't add in another paragraph or two of semi-connected thoughts!!!

With that, I am off to another cup o' Kim (Joe can get his own coffee!)

Now, remember to make Farley proud (and happy). Check into Currently. Add your lovely (filled in!) graphic and your thoughts. And then join in the party. Most importantly (and dearest to Farley's heart), leave some love for the people before you and after you in the link up. In fact, click all over the link-up. Find some new friends... you don't even have to click on the links in order! (Although some people do... because they're just that way...)

Wishing you a HAPPY New Year with many wonderful blessings in 2014!

PS I'm not positive--but I just think it's likely... that my one little word might be... JOY!


  1. Happy New Year Kim! Loved reading your currently and hope you have a fun winter break! Which Christina Bainbridge font is that? It's super cute!

    Sprinkled in Second

    1. Hi Kristen!
      You caught me before I added in the link... it's there now : )
      It's called CBPlain and it's in Christina's first collection...
      Thanks for leaving a comment... and Happy New Year!


  2. Thanks for sharing your currently!!!


  3. I LOVE you, my friend. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and a giggle to my lips. I think we may be turquoise font twins this time - because GREAT minds think alike, you know? ;) My wish for you is a JOY-filled year full of fabulous things that make you happy ... because you make me happy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can't wait to share it all with you!

    Runde's Room

  4. Hey Kim,
    The new year is like a clean slate - filled with possibilities! So I'm hoping that you see small steps in what your students are learning, and that they feel like they're growing, too. And I hope writing lesson plans comes more easily. I'm just the opposite on that one. I have to write them down because otherwise I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I forget to mention something important. And my plug for writing them down -- it really, really helps me see what's going on long range, and that might help you feel like you're making progress with your kiddos?
    Here's to a joy-filled new year!

  5. Aren't we always fighting organization?? Sometimes I think to myself "you've been doing this for 8 years, how can you STILL be so disorganized???"

    Yet people come in my room and tell me how organized it is. It's all an illusion! :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hey my friend, no matter where you are on the list, you will still be ahead of me! I am planning on staying in my warm bed until the second or third rerun of the Rose Parade finishes. And I can't imagine your classroom being anything but positive and hopeful:). New Year, new start!

    And, thanks for the sweet shout out:). Happy New Year !

  7. I am the worst when it comes to planning too. I mean, I don't have 30 years, but I do have 16 and I just sort of "know it". Though, I do admit that when I am all planned up I actually feel farm more accomplished in class. I did actually buy a lesson plan book the other day, so I will take the lead from you and begin planning. See what a master teacher you are? Always inspiring :)

    I am proud of you for making it onto the Currently list on the FIRST DAY! Look at you!!

    Here's to a new year filled with lots of new adventures, love, laughter, and JOY!

    Teaching in Room 6

  8. I'm excited that I have no obligations today too!!! I've had something everyday since the 20th [the day we went on break] and I'm kind of liking not having to do anything!!!

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  9. I hoping to have a more "hopeful" attitude towards work this year! Great post!

    The Extra Energetic Educator

  10. Congrats on your first turkey! We have made many here but it always is a bit stressful worrying that everything comes together at the right time. Have a very happy new year!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  11. Believe is my OLW this year sweet friend....thanks for the email this morning. And I loving seeing my template on all these blogs hahaha!

    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  12. Yay for small steps and soaring successes ... and JOY! Enjoy your last few days of break.

    I'm wishing you a new year filled with sunshine, savoring, satisfaction and serenity!


  13. So funny- I just read your last currently yesterday, which reminded me about this currently! :)

    I am totally into staying organized. It's my goal this year! We will see if I keep it.... :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  14. More comprehensive lesson plans is one of my big teaching goals for this year too! I feel like it's so daunting and having a clear picture in your head is so much easier than writing it all down, but I definitely need to try harder to get a complete one written down!

  15. Hey!

    Our actual lesson plans that we turn in don't have to be detailed at all thank goodness. BUT-I REALLY want to have a comprehensive yearly plan-you know with links to sources, etc. Aaaahhh....maybe one day!

    Have a great 1st week back at school!



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