Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Currently (Barely) The End Of December

This has become a bad habit... Posting my "Currently" on the last day of the month is a bit of an oxymoron. Hmmmm. I'm not sure if I have ever used that word in a sentence that wasn't on a task card, a worksheet or a white board!

Love these cute frames/fonts from Jen Jones HERE on TpT

There are just a few more hours in December... and in 2013. In some ways, it doesn't feel like December. It is supposed to be close to eighty degrees outside all week! Normally I would love this weather... but a little chill in the air would certainly help make the Christmas season last a little longer...

However, the sense of "vacation" is obvious! I got up late (Well, 6:00 is late for me!) and we went out to breakfast--on a Tuesday! Now it is noon, there is football on TV and I am happily pounding away on the computer. And it's still a Tuesday! Time is moving gloriously slowly!

The tree is still up. It is a beautiful tree. I am not ready to refer to it in past tense yet. It still smells good and most of the needles are still on the tree instead of on the floor. There are lots of JOY ornaments and heart ornaments and purple ornaments and Starbucks ornaments... and it just makes me happy!

Here's a picture of my tree... and the JOY cup from Barbara Gruener (from The Corner on Character). She is a real JOY-bringer! If you don't know her, you have to go over and meet her right away. In fact, if you click the picture, you can read a post she wrote about JOY. Yep, she's a true buddy!


At the moment, I don't feel any immediate stress... but it is there... lurking behind a brain cell. I just keep trying to hurry away before it grabs me!

There were MANY things I wanted to accomplish during my time away from school. Most of them will likely remain on my To Do list. I have a bad habit of working on the things I like to do. It's not like I really NEEDED to revamp four sets of fraction task cards, but I had fun doing it. And I made the whole week of Morning Welcome pages for my "smart board" (We actually have Promethean, but that always looks weird when I type it--like I am trying to talk about mythology when that is not the topic I am addressing!). I love to match the background paper to the action buttons on my morning greetings. And it IS necessary to have those pages ready for next week--just not necessary to spend a few hours trying to make them look pretty when it should take less than forty-five minutes to get them all done! Still, I had fun!

Of course, I haven't graded the pile of papers that I brought home. I don't know where we are going next in Readers' Workshop. And I can't bring myself to write that lesson plan on the lithosphere--or was it the hydrosphere?--for earth science. Yawn. Sorry! Maybe a trip to Starbucks will help? (Doesn't a trip to Starbucks always help?)

So that's it for Currently... Which will shortly be "Previously." Once again, I am the last one on the block to link up!

But that's okay. I'm sure Farley will have the January Currently up before the clock strikes midnight--or soon afterward. So I will tell you just a bit in advance (and, likely a few times in January as well!): Happy New Year! See you in the NEXT Currently link up!



  1. Love you! <3 I hope you keep that tree up and snuggle in!

  2. YOU make me happy and full of joy!
    Love love love you! :)
    Happy New Year, friend!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your posts! I so hear you about grading those papers... my pile is being scattered by two mischievous cats as I write. My tree is still up and will remain so until next weekend! And the chill you seek? Oh, I've got that along with six inches of fluffy, white. Happy New Year, Kim! May 2014 be full of JOY for you and yours!

  4. Better late than never! ;) Happy New Year!! =)

  5. As the person who decorated for Christmas the day after Christmas, I will not judge:). Happy New Year!

  6. I am so so so so so so glad that:
    1. I'm not the only one who works on things that don't HAVE to be done right away instead of the things that are MOST important
    2. I'm not the only one who pounds away on the computer while the TV is on
    3. I'm not the only one who values the tradition of just being able to stay at home

    Have a GREAT and WONDERFUL 2014!! :)


  7. I agree with all of your friends who commented ... LOVE your posts ... and feeling grateful for the sweet shout out as well as all of the JOY in this post. Oh, and still feel gratitude every time I use the JOY mug that you surprised me with when my other one broke ... you truly are one of the most thoughtful and generous friends I know.

    Have a magically joyous 2014.



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