Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five for Friday: Getting Close to the End...

YIKES! I'm not sure how two weeks have flown by so quickly! Every minute seems jam-packed and, yet, it seems like so little is getting done! As usual, my Five for Friday is being posted on a Sunday, but at least it's being shared (Last week's post came and went without ever getting out of the camera!)

ELEVEN days left of school!


I have checked in the last set of homework and classwork for the year! We still have plenty of "work" left to do (including two benchmarks!), but report cards are due this week and I now have LOTS of data to review. I have been drowning in paperwork all year and finishing this task is so liberating!


Family Life Education is DONE for another year. I'm not sure who is more thankful: the students or me! Aside from the "typical" lessons on parts, ailments, and responsibilities, our district has recently included a lesson on cyber-safety. The videos are haunting reminders of the dangers of "making friends" on the Internet. This lesson really impacted the students... and it made me even more conscious of how easily our students can become victims just by sharing their name...

Last week I was away at a training for a day. And I was away from school one day this week. And I will be at a Common Core training for two days next week! I feel like I am writing sub plans in my dreams.

If you haven't tried out any of the items at 4mulaFun (TpT) you are missing out. That's one of her triangle activities in the picture above. This blogger/creator has lots of interesting activities, wonderful units and terrific lessons for math notebooks. Check out her store HERE and her blog HERE.

And, if you haven't ever read The Cay--or, better yet, read this book with students, just do it. (Please forgive me, Nike!)


Speaking of Common Core, this is the book we are reading for our writing project. And our trainer is the author, Larry Ainsworth. I am learning a lot about curriculum design... specifically how hard it is to do!


Ever see something in a store and simply KNOW you have to purchase it? Yep, that's how I felt when I saw these storage boxes. Math centers? Art materials? Guided reading sets? I don't know what I will be using them for, but just looking at them makes me happy!

In other news: I am trying out my first LINKY PARTY! 

As I have been reflecting on the last ten months of school, I have made a mental list of things I am definitely going to do DIFFERENTLY next year. In fact, although this year is not yet finished, I am already planning next year's lessons, classroom management strategies, activities, and decor! Are you doing that too? If yes, this Linky is for you!

And this one has a twist!

The Linky Party will be up for a week starting tomorrow. Then, next Sunday evening, I will use the random number generator to choose one of the people who has linked up and joined the party. That person will win a $25 gift certificate from TpT. What a great way to start gathering those resources for the year to come!

I am so thankful that tomorrow is a holiday. Just sitting in one place is a delight! I hope that you have the day off tomorrow too--and that you will come back to join my Linky Party.

Until then, if you are still in school, I am wishing you at least a few moments of rest or relaxation. And if you are already out, enjoy the bliss!

PS Those little doughnuts/cookies are from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs. The numbers are already on them, so making math materials with them is a snap! You can get them HERE!


  1. Yay! I'm looking forward to your linky Kim! I am sitting here doing the same, making all kinds of plans for next year. I will be back to link up :)

  2. Okay Kim, I will try to make your linky my first. Heaven knows how my list of things to do is for next year:). I figured out how to link up my Pinterest page this weekend - so proud of myself - so I should be able to do the linky thing. If not, I will bug Lauren.

  3. I love that you'll buy those fun containers without a specific reason ... yet ... and that you're a lifelong learner ... and that you're trying a linky party ... and that you're done with that family life unit you have to do and ... the list goes on and on. Enjoy your day off tomorrow; we plan to do much of the same thing that you are: relax and remember!


  4. I can't wait to join your linky, Kim. I've been making mental notes, too. Now, it will be nice to record them to force me to put them into action :) Those containers are amazing. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. I know I will :)

  5. Oh my gosh, Kim! I am so jealous of 11 days! I'm not out until June 27th, and it seems so far away! I love The Cay! It is a huge hit with my kids every year, especially the part where Stew Cat goes missing. :-) I also love those containers. Where did you find them? I'm hoping it was a chain store that I have around me so I can get some. :-)
    Good luck with your linky party!
    -Nancy @ Teachingmyfriends

  6. I love reading The Cay too! What a great book to foster discussions about not "judging a book by its cover." Good stuff!

    Looking forward to your linky. I always end the year with some strong ideas about what I definitely want to do next year!

  7. I'm just as glad as the students are that Family Life is over. For some reason it was even more awkward than I thought it was going to be!

  8. Did you get those storage boxes at Michaels? I am in love!


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