Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Currently May... and I Beat My Record!

I think there might be something wrong with me… I’m sitting at the computer, checking Oh Boy Fourth Grade’s website every fifteen minutes in anticipation of the posting of May’s Currently!   
I know that at some point, I will click, and it will be there… and a new month will have begun!   

I love knowing that we can all link up together and I can connect with my pals through this BloggyTradition. Ah, our dear Farley… she makes us WANT to check in with each other… isn’t that a wonderful character trait? (Can you tell my mind is still on standardized testing as well?) Thanks, Farley, for the ongoing invite...

I’m at the funny point in the school year: I am excited that the end is near, but I am getting a bit sad to say goodbye to this group. We’ve worked so hard to come together as a team this year. And we’re almost there…

Yet at the same time, I can’t seem to keep myself from making plans for next year. Even after thirty years, each September I feel like a novice teacher all over again—especially with the arrival of Common Core! I should also consider winning the lottery since my plans for the new school year seem to include more than a few purchases at TpT!

Right now I am printing out task cards. At this point, I buy some and I create some. I am getting better at purchasing a set, using it as practice and then tailoring my own version to meet our specific needs. Task cards have helped my students increase their discussion skills. I love to hear them agreeing to disagree!

There is still so much to be done before the year ends. We have barely begun practicing for promotion and it is five weeks away! I still haven't finished the invitations. The envelopes arrived today and they are the wrong hue of blue! I have to do a quick internet search tonight to find the right shade of envelope to match the ink, the stickers and the stamps. I have to admit: These little details are among my favorite parts of the whole event! (I know you will understand that "right hue" comment, dear Ladybugs/Kristen!)

And then it will be over. Again. I think that this is one of the hardest parts about teaching sixth grade. When the year is over, you send them off with hopes that they come back and visit--or at least that they send a friend to update their old teacher on what's happening in their lives. June is just a happy/sad kind of month for me!

Wait! It's not June yet! It's May! And only May FIRST! And there's a holiday this month! WooHoo! I think I could survive almost any month with a three day weekend thrown in!

With that, I send you happy May wishes! Now, go back to Oh Boy First Grade... Click the Currently picture or click HERE.  Link up and tell everyone what is happening in your life during May. Don't forget to leave some BloggyLove for the two posters behind you, the one in front of you, and all sorts of friends in between! Okay, I added that last part in myself, but I love to catch up with old pals and meet new ones through the Currently Linky.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

PS I made it in the top FIFTY of Currently links! A new record! And now... back to envelope shopping!


  1. I love your summer bucket list! Oh the joys of becoming common core fluent.

    Crofts' Classroom

  2. You have again confirmed why I love you so much, my dear bloggy friend! I was also sitting there hitting refresh, and then of course when I walked away for 20 minutes is when Farley posted. HA! And I totally get what you mean by wanting to plan for this year BUT also live in the moment for the current group of students. Aren't three day weekends the greatest? It feels like we did not get nearly enough of them this year... Take care, friend!

  3. Hey Kim! I was nodding my head throughout all your categories...task cards (uh huh), holiday (yep!), proud (you betcha!), planning, focus, organize (oh yeah!). My currently isn't quite as insightful and my post is all over the place! Focus...focus!! haha, yeah right!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. I was so nodding my head at 3 parts of your currently thinking that's me exactly!!! Now I can't even remember what they were. :)

    Oh, the common core! We have had 1 whole 15 minute training at our school. Can you believe that????

    Hope y'all are collaborating more than we are!

    16 days left...


  5. Relax is my key word for summer!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  6. I do like your Summer Bucket list! I need to learn the word "relax" too! I just don't know if it is in my vocabulary :(

  7. The year isn't over. That's hard to remember when the weather becomes nice.
    We cracked the top 50, too! (It's the little things that make us happy.)


  8. oh, Kim! I feel you on so many levels right now! I feel like i perpetually think about how things will be next year, but at the same time I'm holding on to this year as much as I can - man, did it fly by!


  9. I'm already thinking of things I want to change or organize differently for my classroom next year. I can't help it!!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  10. First off--three cheers for beating your record!!! I have "relax" on my bucket list, too!! How about we make plans to do that together while drinking some coffee and propping up or feet???

    Fun in Room 4B

  11. Kim~
    You made me laugh when you were talking about checking for Farley's link! I did the same thing for awhile last night, then I gave up. I didn't get a chance to check again until about an hour ago and I'm way up in the 190s! Hey its less than 200 I guess!
    Planning wise I'm doing exactly the same thing with this Common Core and testing. After my smarties just finished testing, I took a look at what I needed to focus differently on. I've made notes all over my long term plans, and I've sent things for September to our print shop to be copied. I'm in a love/hate relationship with the group I have, and I can't help but think of what I need to change for next year... lets' consider it good reflection of our teaching!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!!
    MicheleCoffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  12. you are so funny...yay for the top 50!!!

    RELAX is going to be added to my bucket list too... and preplanning too
    thanks so much for always supporting me... <3 ya

  13. I identify with your OCD tendencies...someone asked me today at a workshop if I was "one of those teachers" and I am proud to say I am. I like what I like! I can also identify with being the grade 6 teacher. We have a lot of responsibility. We send them off to junior high school and as you said, hope they come back to visit. I am going into my 23rd year next year, again teaching grade 6! I love it, and I can tell you do too!

  14. I loved reading your Currently! So fun! If you have time, I would love to have you drop by my blog, enter my latest giveaway, and join my latest linky. I am asking bloggers to share their favorite nonfiction author(s)/book(s).

  15. Oh yes, I do understand the importance of those hues!!! Those are major decisions!! I have no doubt you will make a lovely promotion with just the right shades, you always do such a lovely job with these things :)

    PS I was rushing through Walmart Thurs night and *almost* got off track and went looking at carpets. I stopped myself though. It's too early for that, right?

  16. Just found your page through Farley's Currently, I love finding upper grade bloggers! I'm not a teacher yet myself but reading blogs like yours has me dying to get into a classroom. Even without my own class, I can definitely relate to needing to focus on the present while wanting to plan ahead... Good luck with the Common Core!

    Ps, I'm your newest follower, can't wait for more posts!



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