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Pruduct Swap with Jen Runde... With Love for Taten

It's time for another Product Swap hosted by Jessica Stanford from Mrs. Stanford's Class. Here's how it works: Two bloggers trade products and then review how the products were used in their classrooms. Such fun!

My partner for the product swap is Jen Runde. THE Jen Runde (like there could be any other?!) from Runde's Room. Cue giddy music (If you find some, let me know). Jen Runde is one of my bloggy idols! She could be the Princess of Product Swapping... Here's a picture of Jen... without her glasses...
Artwork by Nikki at Melonheadz HERE on TpT
Well, to be honest, Jen Runde is ALSO the Princess of NICE. And KIND. And CARING. I could give you lots of examples, but instead I'll just give you one...

This is Taten. He is a classmate of one of Jen's daughters. And right now, he is fighting cancer. Sigh. I don't think kids should ever have to face cancer...

And if you head over to Runde's Room you can read about him. Bring a tissue. You'll need it by the end of the blog post.

So here is how Jen is helping Taten... and YOU can help too!

First, Jen is having a SALE at her TpT Store (WooHoo! Don't you love a sale?!). It's a sale on EVERYTHING! Second, ALL of the proceeds from Jen's sales this weekend will go to help Taten. Such goodness. It's like getting two scoops of ice cream when you only asked for one!

Yep, I told you she was a princess!


And if you're looking for something to buy (and I know you won't have any trouble because there are so many great things), I am recommending the Math Reflection fans. This is the product that I tried out in my class this week...

Here are some details from the product:  

This resource contains over 100 different math reflection questions and prompts to use for comprehension checks of new concepts learned. They can be used for the reflection section in  Interactive Math Journals as questions to respond to in regular math journals, after problem-solving activities, for oral discussions, in math centers, after new lessons in math, as an end of the unit review, or beginning of the unit diagnostic, or for test preparation.

These questions would be PERFECT for use in Interactive Math Journals because they push the students toward higher levels of thinking. And, recognizing that students process and share information in different ways, the questions are aligned to various levels of Blooms Taxonomy--the updated one that are so much more student (and teacher!) friendly...

There are 6 different groups of questions and prompts - one group for each of the levels in Bloom’s  Revised Taxonomy.: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create.  Each group of questions will make its own fan.  You can use a particular fan when evaluating a particular level of the taxonomy, or use different fans as they suit different learned concepts.  You could also group all the questions together on a binder clip circle and hang near your desk for easy access during activities.  I choose one or two particular questions or prompts that fit the concept, and display them under the document camera for the students to see.

I love that the questions are grouped (according to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy) and color-coded. (Okay, I admit: That always wins extra points with me! Give me a way to organize a resource and I am happy!). The icons on the left helped me keep the questions in the right group, and my students were completely taken with them (you never know what is going to interest a sixth grader!) Here are my cards coming out of the printer. LOVE the purple ones!

I was already giving some "quick checks" in my classroom, so I used Jen's questions to double assess. That sounds bad--but it was actually a great idea! I got two different kinds of responses... which allowed me to get a clearer picture of my students' thinking.

I also tried three different approaches: Let the students choose their question fan, allowing students to choose from a level (of Blooms) matched with a type of question, and my own selection of questions matched to assessment items. Here's a little secret: All three approaches worked well!

Here they are... hard at work!

We used the questions with area and circumference...

And with fractions...

And with ratio and proportions...

And with calculating angles...

The kids really enjoyed being able to use a different kind of thinking. Some of their particular favorites...although I could list MANY...

Today we used the questions as part of an assessment, but there are a lot of questions that are perfect to guide work done with a partner. I love how it can focus higher level thinking... and there is very little prep work necessary to see them. And, these same questions can be used over and over in different combinations with specific questions selected to meet the needs of the task.

Finally, Jen knows that most teachers will have questions specific to their grade level. So, being the forward-thinking person that she is, she included blank question cards onto which you can write your OWN questions! So, aside from the 100-plus questions Jen has provided, there is still room to personalize these materials and make them your very own!

So now you have some things to do...

1.  Click on the blog button below to go to Jen's blog and read about Taten.

2.  Go to Jen's store and check out her wonderful products. Remember the proceeds from all of her sales this weekend go to helping Taten.
3.  Try out these Math Reflection Fans. There are so MANY ways to use them in the classroom, and I know you will be pleased with the chance to see your students' thinking in a different light.

4. Link up with the Magical Product Swap by clicking on the button below to take you to the Linky. Lots of bloggers will be reviewing products in the next or two so it's a chance to have someone try out a product for you--so you know how it works before you buy.


5. And when you click on the Product Swap button, you'll be admiring Michelle's (3am Teacher's) work. She's the one who designed the button. Isn't is Cute! While you're at TpT, check out her clip art. Right now, I am obsessed with her gardening sets!

6. Enjoy your day. It's be a long tough week for many people across the globe. So, today, I hope we can focus on good things... enjoy someone's company, say Hi to a stranger, offer help, give a hug...

Artwork by Creative Clips by Krista Wallden HERE on TpT


  1. Yay ... this is my lucky day ... YOU and Jen Runde in the same room! What a fun idea ... a product swap. Both of you have stuff that's AmAzInG!!


  2. Oh Kim, thank-you SO much for everything! I'm so glad your students enjoyed the questions ... no doubt due to your fabulous teaching and inspiration. I can't WAIT to share all about your fantastic activity on MONDAY! ♥


  3. I loved reading how you use Jen's math fans in class, Kim!! They are one of my favorite items from Jen (though it's hard to choose!).

    Do you use colored paper for your math notes? Or is it just extra paper? This is a strange question, but I know you of all people will understand my Walmart-searching, color-coding friend!! :)

  4. I just found you through the product swap! I bought these fans over the weekend during Jen's fundraiser and I'm so excited to use them! This is a great post that shares how you use them and is a jumping off point for me! Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to get to know you better! ;O)

    Collaboration Cuties


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