Sunday, November 4, 2012

We've Got Tissues, Yes We Do!

My kids know I have to have everything matching everything else in the classroom. It just makes me HAPPY!

And they laughed, recently, when I bought a package of three boxes of tissues. As soon as I opened the package, I had to give one box away to another teacher--because the box was GRAY and BROWN!

I have a wonderful friend who shares my sentiments about what my kids call "matchy matchy." I didn't know until this school year that there would be a meme that applied to me!

At the end of the summer, my friend hits all the Back-to-School sales, and buys things that are needed in my classroom: pencils, erasers, tissues... all of those needed items of which you can simply never have enough (For my grammar-watchers, I had to rework that sentence three times so that it would not end in a preposition!)

We can't ask for supplies at our school, and many of the kids come to school each day without a pencil, so this is a Treasure Trove of Goodness that is put to use from that very first day in September.

This year, my friend brought me (among other delights) an assortment of tissues that match my room. LOVE THEM! They are stored in a big bag in the closet--and I have the option of selecting a box based on the color of the area or the color of my mood. Either way, I know it will always be a box that fits the decor. {Contented sigh!}

My room is filled with bright colors: purple, magenta, hot pink, lime, bright blue and turquoise (with an occasional splat of orange). And look at this...

Yep! Happy City!

So, as the sniffles and snurfles begin to take over my room, I just grab another colorful box... with thankful thoughts for good friends and tissue boxes that match...


  1. I've never heard tissues referred to as a "treasure trove of goodness" but I like it . . . and I'm thinking that the makers of Kleenex might, too . . . you ought to have your kids write to Johnson and Johnson, an informative to share your story or a persuasive to get even more brilliant colors on their boxes!

  2. Oh, friend----you would die over the mix match tissue boxes in my room. I thought I was matchy-matchy and what do you know? I forgot about the tissue boxes. :)

  3. Haa haa! That is so funny that you have to match the tissue :) I take whatever I can get in that department. Thankfully our PTA CAN ask for donations (like you, *we* can't), so the kids bring it in and we use it! But if any brightly colored ones come my way, I know just who to send them to ;)

    Teaching in Room 6

  4. Oh Kim! I knew I loved your matchy-matchness from the start but this truly makes me happy! When I was at the store the other day I saw red-glitter tissue boxes AND they were on sale! So I bought ten or so of them. Hubby stares at the boxes then looks at me and says "do I even want to ask?" To which I said "nope." And he just walks away. OF COURSE the tissue boxes have to match!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  5. I've never heard of not being able to ask for donations. At least you have a good friend that is looking out for you. :)

    I Love My Classroom

  6. This cracked me up Kim!!! I swear we are long-lost sisters!! I take my tissue boxes very seriously :)


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