Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some bags look alike...

Many airports have a sign at the baggage claim area stating, "Caution!  Some bags look alike"

Last year our District purchased laptops that communicate with our interactive whiteboards.  All of the laptops came in an identical black bag.  At a recent computer training, someone took home their computer in MY bag!  Normally, that would not have been an enormous disaster... however, MY bag contained my external DVD drive, my new remote, and my new (purple!) thumb drive!

Consequently, I decided to personalize my bag so that I would not be at risk of losing it again.

Crafty I am not!  First, I  had limited work space.  (I did check to see that the burners were off!)  Second, I had no idea how to use the tools involved in this project.   After several hot glue disasters, the project was simplified greatly from the "be-ribboned" picture I initially had in my head!

You will notice two items in the upper left corner of the photo at the top of the post that help tell this tale more completely: a soccer ball-shaped ice pack and band aids.  These were necessary to lessen the pain of losing several layers of skin to glue mishaps.  Further, the white glue lets you know that I eventually gave up on the glue gun altogether!

The project turned out okay (the purple ribbon did cheer me up!).  Thankfully, it looks less crooked in real life!

Here's another secret:  At the end of the adventure, the paper plate in the picture was securely glued to the counter top...

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