Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently It's November!

Hello BlogFriends!

I love that Time Change phenomenon when an extra hour magically appears. I could use several of those... I have so much to do!

I like to leave the clocks "unchanged" when I go to sleep. Then I wake up early, work for an hour, and then set the clock back and work for another hour. It seems SO Back-to-the Future to live through the same hour twice. I know it's not really a sci-fi construct, but I like thinking there's some magic going on anyway!

So if it's the first of the month, it means two things: First, it's time to link up with DEAR Farley (I just love that girl!). And, second, it's time to make a new classroom seating chart. We "change chairs" each month. Friendships are sometimes fleeting in the lives of fifth graders. Meaning: The person who was your best buddy on the first day of the month is now, likely, on your list of least-favorite tablemates! (Then it takes me a whole week to remember the new seat assignments as I spend a lot of time looking for a child at the place he/she used to sit!)

I love fall colors... so the look of this month's currently makes my heart happy!

As I mentioned, we are still working on responsibility in my classroom. I like to find songs to reinforce the concept. If you are looking for a catchy tune to help your kiddos think about responsibility, try this one:

On to Turkey Talk! It's my turn to host Thanksgiving this year. That is actually not a good thing. I like the decorating part of the holidays, but I have no skill whatsoever in cooking. I think there will be eleven people coming to our house... which makes my heart rate soar! Last time we hosted Thanksgiving, the turkey was still partially frozen when it was time to put it in the oven. Maybe this year we will just start with pie!

I do enjoy making chestnut stuffing. You have to start with boiling the chestnuts, then shelling them, and then, then, then... The recipe has about forty-three steps! I think I like this one so much because it seems so New England-ish. Which seems like ust the right place to get a recipe for stuffing! I linked to a similar recipe from Martha Stewart below. I wonder if she'd be willing to come over and help a girl out...

Thanks to Nikki from Melonheadz for the sweet turkey graphic. (Don't you just love his little shoes?!)! Follow the link HERE to grab a turkey of your own!

Recently, our school District moved to a week away from school for Thanksgiving Break. What a treat! My family celebrates Thanksgiving on the Saturday-before, which leaves a whole week afterwards to fill with a mix of fun and catching-up on work. I haven't plotted out all of my days, but it sure would be nice to organize the assorted piles accumulating in my living room!

I will likely spend the rest of today re-organizing my guided reading groups. Our current structure isn't quite working for anyone. I am SO EXCITED that my principal has arranged for some extra support for our reading groups. With thirty-six kids, it's sometimes difficult to get things accomplished--especially if you are trying to do crowd control in the middle of small group instruction. Having an extra set of hands will really help, and I am excited for the opportunity to re-think this part of my day.

So that' what's currently happening in my little piece of the universe. I hope that you enjoyed some Halloween fun and that you have an enjoyable Sunday planned out.

Click on the button above to make you way back to Currently. To be honest, this "get-together" is always one of my favorite parts of blogging. I always make a new friend (or five) and Farley puts her whole heart into this cyber meet-up. Doesn't that make your heart happy too?

I am looking forward to chatting with you SOON!


  1. Agree with the extra hour... an extra few hours on the weekend would be great! 36 kids... wow I don't know what to say!! Thank goodness you'll have an extra set of hands during this important part of your day! Best wishes with the reorganization!

    JD's Firsties

  2. How do you have small groups and guided reading with 36 students?! OMG! I can barely handle my 22! Good luck with that! And that's amazing that your district is giving you all a week for Thanksgiving! Three days is nice for me but a whole week will be great! LOL

    I'm definitely going to check into that chestnut stuffing because it sounds tasty. I'm from the south and this is the first time I've ever heard of that. Also, good luck with the cooking. I'm no chef either and need to start taking lessons or something.

    Happy teaching and blogging!

  3. Wow....I think my eyes glazed over and I might have started twitching a bit when I saw you had 36 kids! Holy cow! I have 29 right now and we are packed in like sardines...I can't imagine adding even ONE more kid. I also have a student teacher right now and we're struggling with our reading groups...and there are TWO of us! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's just me!

  4. Enjoy your week off for Thanksgiving!!! We always had that and now I can't imagine not having the whole week off! The stuffing you mentioned sounds really good'll have to let us know :)

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  5. Awesome!!! Loved your post. Can't imagine managing 36 kids!!! I do small groups all day and feel overwhelmed with 7 sometimes!


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