Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Currently... March is almost over!

It's 9:45 on March 31st. That means I have a few more hours until it is officially April.... which makes it "Currently" March for just a little while longer! Late, as usual... but well-intentioned, as always! (And I know that my pal Farley will forgive me!)

I am so THANKFUL that Spring Break has finally arrived! I'm stuck between wanting to get millions of things accomplished... and doing nothing at all.

I am trying to find a balance in between those two extremes. Returning to school after a break with so many things "undone" generally leads to an unhappy week. At the same time, returning without some time to rest and relax is also unwise. I'm aiming for some middle ground.

Regardless of whether you are back at school or enjoying Spring Break along with me, I am sending you happy wishes...


{Giggle} You can link back to Oh Boy's Fourth Grade's March Currently with the link above... but I am guessing it would be more "Current" to just link into April's event!

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