Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently... It's June! (What Happened to May?!)

WOW. It's June! How is it that May lasted a hundred years and yet flew by in a flash?
I sort of fell off the Bloggy Bus for a few months... and now I am ready to re-visit the Blogiverse. I can't think of any better way to do that than though Currently...

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I'm not a real bird fan, but I am in awe of any creature that can build a nest and nurture their young in the middle of chaos--guess it's a bit like their human counterparts. We live in a lots-of-people-in-a-little-area place. Yet, every year, the black phoebe returns to lay eggs in the same location under the eaves. This year there are three birdies-to-be...

Which brings me to JUNE. I think June is a difficult month for sixth grade teachers (at an elementary school). I feel an enormous sense of responsibility in ensuring that my students have everything they need to move on to middle school. And with 35 kiddos, that is SO hard to do. I always wish that we could have done more... but I am celebrating the fact that middle schools will be receiving students who have caring hearts, who have been accepting of kids with all kids of abilities and disabilities, and who know that stamina and a desire to learn are skills that are essential to success.

There are so many hings happening in the next two weeks! We have lots of activities and events scheduled. And then on June 13th, Promotion will be here and the minutes will tick away until they are middle schoolers.

I just wish a Magic Fairy would appear and take care of my Report Cards. I would gladly pay... Cash? Check? Starbucks?!

I am REALLY looking forward to summer this year. There are several books that I want to read (more than ten at last count!) and I am just looking forward to the slow and leisurely pace of a day that does not begin at 4:14 in the morning. I am making a commitment to relax and enjoy life this summer--a new skill for me... but, I think, an important one!

Best of all, I will be seeing my buddy, Barbara Gruener, from the Corner on Character this summer! She is the keynote speaker at the Character Matters Summer Conference in my area and I am so excited to learn from her (and to clap loudly and say WooooHoooo!) Barbara's book will soon be available at  Amazon!

Our Barbara is famous! But, more importantly, she is a truly wonderful person with a heart as big as Texas!

So those are my Current(ly) reflections. Even though I am actually linking up on the first day of June, I did not make it into the first hundred... But that's okay. My purple square will be among my BloggyPeeps' buttons and my heart is happy to be connecting with Farley. Yep, you guessed it: She another one of my favorite Texas bloggers. How lucky we all are...

So, click to link up. And, as Farley reminds us: Leave some love to those before you and after you... and, I think, all over the Currently page!

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Happy JUNE!

PS Looking for graduation clip art? Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs has sweet graduation hats like the one pictured above for just two dollars HERE!


  1. My sixth graders will also be graduating and moving on to the junior high. I've had them for two years!!!

  2. I plan on relaxing a ton and reading a lot as well! What books are on your to read list? I just finished The One and Only by Emily Griffin and The Fault in Our Stars. I loved them both. I am planning on reading The Invention of Wings, but I need some more suggestions!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  3. Hey you! I LOVED teaching 6th grade in a K-6 school! My fourth graders are "king of the castle" in our building...I am SO jealous that you get to hang out with a blogging buddy this summer... :) Have a wonderful June!

  4. Hi Kim! I found your blog through Farley's Currently and am your newest follower :) I LOVE that you put books on your bucket list. Both my husband and I are big readers but we both feel off the bandwagon with school and cannot wait to dive into my reading list this summer! Good luck with everything :)

    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

  5. That fairy is going to be very busy... I'm waiting for her too!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  6. If I lived closer to you, I'd gladly offer to help with your cards! I have to chuckle once again as I read your post... so like mine! My opening line of Currently is "Where did May go?" And my summer bucket list is all about reading!

    Enjoy these last days of the school year,

  7. Oh how I wish I could join you and meet up with you and Barbara! I hope you have a fabulous last few weeks with your peeps. Enjoy every minute :)

  8. I just stumbled upon you blog over at teaching blog addicts. I am a new 6th grade teacher as well as a new blogger, so I'm happy to have finally found some bloggers with older kids! :)

    Surprisingly Sixth

  9. I love the idea of teaching 6th grade in an elementary school! I am going from elementary school to middle school this year to teach math and science! :) I'm only on a two-man team, so I think it will feel a lot like elementary school at times. :)
    Mixing it up in Middle!

  10. Serious, it took me 2 weeks to make my way over here and see that wonderful shout out ... thank you, Kim, for your kind words. I cannot believe we're in the final stretch of my countdown to CA. I know that the conference ... and most especially our time together ... will be AmAzInG!

    Grateful for YOU,



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