Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currently... For a Few More Hours!

Ahhhhhhh. February.
The  month with the fewest days... and a month with TWO no-school days.
Best of all, February is a month that just shouts that it is a good idea to eat chocolate!

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Each month, I look forward to Farley's Currently link-up. It reminds me to turn the page on my calendar and to check in with the other bloggers who, like me, adore Farley and her plan to keep us connected and "in the know" about each other.

I have to post this one quickly because it is the last day of February--and in a few hours, it will be MARCH! In all honesty, I wrote my Currently in early February, it just never made it to the blog. A short month does have its drawbacks, I guess.

As I read over these items, I am starting to worry a bit. I think my life changes very little from month to month--and it's all documented in a series of Currently postings. I could hop on over to Farley's tomorrow and it will be March. And my Currently could say almost the exact same thing. Especially the part about tardy slips. Anyone else suffering from a barrage of chronically late students?

I've reworked that sentiment above with a positive spin: I have my life so organized, that I don't have to worry about a lot of big changes that disrupt the orderliness. Hmmmmm. That's not particularly true, but it does have a better ring to it. Maybe I will just look for something unique to celebrate in March!

This time I am almost certain that I will be the last entry in Farley's Currently gathering. (If you're in an investigative mood, you can click below to find out--or maybe you just want to read about some friends who were on time for the party!) My goal is to be in the first one hundred for March...

I hope that your February was filled with love and chocolate and lots of good things, and that March will bring you even more wonderfulness!


  1. I'll join you in delighting about baby steps ... perfect for me today! Well, that, and Starbucks delivery service ...


  2. I am so with you on the Starbucks delivery. If only....

  3. I don't have that many tardy-I think in our school they just go ahead and stay out the whole day. We have so many students that just seem to never be here an entire week!!!!

    Makeup work is a teacher's nightmare!! :)

    I, like you, am so GLAD that January is gone AND February!! I'm ready for spring so I can thaw out!



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