Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Again... and It's Currently June!

Well, it's not like we were without food or water or electricity... In fact, the accommodations were sublime! But five days without technology was a bit of an adjustment for me.

I loved seeing friends and family, (and I ADORE my teenage and almost-teenage nieces). But it is also good to be home.

I have to confess that I got off the plane, hurried home, and turned on the TV...
And, within minutes, I had about thirty-five windows open on my computer... all at the same time.


I'm sure this means there is something seriously wrong with me, but I felt so much more... comfortable and secure... once I had read the news (on a variety of sites), checked several e-mail accounts, logged onto Facebook, started getting caught up on blogs, and threw a bunch of stuff onto my wish list on TpT. Ahhhh. Yep, my life has returned to normal.

Further evidence of normalcy: My To Do list is eight pages long. My house is a mess. The post-trip laundry is piled up. I am behind on Guided Math AND Guiding Reading. (I think I need GUIDANCE!)

                                         HOWEVER, the calendar still says JUNE!


Which means although I am LAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTEEEE, I am not TOO late to join in on Farley's Currently for June! I may have the honor of being the LAST entry (#199!), but I will still be on the list. And my friend Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade will know that I didn't forget about her (like THAT would even be possible!)

So here's my thinking for JUNE... because, in a wink, it is going to be July!

As always, click on the picture link to get to Farley's party. And watch your Blog Roll for the July Currently link-up too. Next time, I am determined to be in the first fifty to join in...


  1. Hi Kim,
    Welcome back! Can't wait to read your posts on guided math. I always about 20+ tabs or windows open at the same time. It's the marvelous multitasker in me. :)

  2. Kim!
    I was so excited to see your comment yesterday. :) I am glad you are home and connected! If you ever make that road trip to Texas be sure to let me know!!!

  3. Better late than never!! Thanks for reminding me about the June Currently!! haha! I just made it an even 200! :)

    Mallory @ {6th Grade} All-Stars

  4. YaY Kim . . . welcome back to the Cyberstreet Cafe . . . wanna latte??? Oh, and I'm a guidance counselor, so let me know what kind of "guidance" you're in need of and I'm ALL over it!!



  5. Hello!! Washington and Oregon sounds beautiful! I haven't been to Oregon since high school, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Enjoy Starbucks and free time!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  6. Welcome back Kim!! I so know what you mean about feeling secure the computer. So I don't think anything is seriously wrong with you OR there could be something seriously wrong with both of us. But that would be ok right??? Talk to you soon!

  7. Love your "loving" part...hitting up Starbucks anytime you want...that is bliss!

  8. Just found your blog and I love it. Thanks for sharing:) I'm glad hear some tips from a teacher teaching the older grades. I am student teaching high school this fall and I am so nervous. Hope to see you over at my blog sometime!

    Love your newest follower,

  9. Kim,

    As a 6th Grade teacher myself, I enjoy following your blog. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come on over and get it.



      Sorry, I can't figure out how to make my name connect to my blog. Ugggg. I'm new at this.


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