Sunday, January 15, 2012

Linking Up to A Day in My Shoes

Once again, Blogger and its Blog Roll tactics are defeating me.  I posted about A Day in My Shoes, the Linky Party with Katie from Adventures in Sixth Grade, but it just won't appear on my Blog Roll.  So, if you're interested in how things are humming along (or, occasionally, bumping along) with my sixth graders in California, just scroll down, or click on "Older Post" and join us for a day...


  1. It's like playing Hide and Seek with you, my friend. But wait, you ARE on my blog roll today!! So sorry that Blogger isn't playing fair!

  2. I have been patiently waiting for a new post. You better stop teaching and start posting ;)

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. That is the NICEST thing I have heard all week. Sixth grade has been filled with less-than-kind comments this week. You just gave me a BIG dose of motivation and, well, JOY! Thanks, Stephanie!



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